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I need some advice. I'm a recent LPN grad., worked 5 mo's in LTC and now just started as 1st time Priv. Duty ped's nurse. I am nervous that I am not reviewing what I need to in order to be prepared for these ped's pts. I am... Read More

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    Don't feel bad. Even if you fixed the current one, it doesn't do any good if it's not fixed at the source.

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    Don't feel bad. Even if you fixed the home copy, it still needs to be fixed at the source or you'll be back to square one a couple of months down the road.
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    Quote from caliotter3
    You should have been provided a copy of the 485, Plan of Care, for your patient. It lists the meds and all orders for treatment, care, ADLs, etc. that are required during your shift. Sometimes there will be a new procedure that you can look up, or a med that you are not familiar with. Anything that you have questions about can be clarified by asking the nursing supervisor, the primary nurse who is orienting you, or the family members, before or after you have done your own research. You can get a 'feel' for the case by reading the POC. I once read one and immediately turned down the case. I was able to explain my reasoning to the staffing personnel and we didn't even bother sending me to the home for a wasted orientation visit. You should be given a copy of the 485 before you start each new case. It is your starting point.
    Very good explanation! Thank You!

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