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  1. James613

    Order for Assessment?

    Patient does have a rare genetic condition with multiple other comorbidities. Just didn't want to give too much detail due to Hipaa. There are very few agencies around here..and are not particularly up to par with the high tech care, let's say. Around here there seldom is any 24hour PDN approved..only getting 8hr/day, initial period of 13 weeks. Yes, I took the case to help out since it is difficult to find any nursing services here. I do have experience, just not in the home setting. Any patient I have encountered in every facility I've been in has had BP ordered, that's why it seems strange to me to not take a BP. That's what great about nursing; the possibilities are vast, the learning never ends, and it's always a quest for knowledge.
  2. James613

    No 485, just discharge orders?

    I am not working through an agency, I'm directly billing medicaid
  3. James613

    No 485, just discharge orders?

    Will be starting private duty nursing as an independent NY Medicaid provider. Client is to be discharged from hospital with new trach/vent, new to home nursing services. Hospital nurse liaison doesn't know what a 485 is, and that all the orders will be on the discharge paperwork sent home with family. Is it legitimate to go by the discharge orders?
  4. James613

    Order for Assessment?

    Thank you for your responses. Client has not been discharged yet, so no discharge orders (nurse liaison for hospital is not familiar with a 485, just that all orders will be on the paperwork at discharge..is this normal?). I know they had a heart defect and are on some cardiac meds, so I thought maybe it would be pertinent. Just wanted to be prepared with necessary materials before first day. Thanks!
  5. James613

    Order for Assessment?

    I am going to be starting a peds PDN case once client gets discharged from hospital. I asked the mother of client (whom I know personally) if there will be a peds BP cuff there for him. She said that the (care coordinator?) RN at the hospital said that she doesn't see why he would need BP taken and if he would need it, that it would be ordered and would be sent home w a cuff. I find this crazy that a regular full assessment wouldn't be done each shift?? He's a new trach/vent patient btw. Is that really how it is??..if it is not ordered you don't do it?..not even assessing? For real??!!
  6. James613

    Day 3: 2016 Nurses Week Meme Contest

    When colleagues decide to be teammates.
  7. James613

    Day 2: 2016 Nurses Week Fill In The Blank Contest

    A treacherous scene behind the door!
  8. James613

    Day 1: 2016 Nurses Week Caption Contest

    Great acoustics; even a toddler can do it!
  9. James613

    Resources for new Home Health Nurses

    I am looking for a resource for Medicaid (not Medicare), also that apply to with or without agency collaboration; would this publication suffice?
  10. James613

    Medicaid pay rate for PDN LPNs in New York State?

    I see we are from the same county. I was wondering if you had any idea about RN pay rates for Medicaid private duty? I am having a hard time finding private duty Medicaid RN around here to ask some questions.
  11. James613

    Important things to review

    I know this is an old post, and this might be totally wrong, but wouldn't it be a HIPPA violation accessing the 485 before you are legally are a nurse to the patient? Although, I am speaking in reference to independent pdn direct bill to medicaid, no agency.

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