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Yikes!!!!:eek: I went to a home care private duty office and they gave me a list to complete. $16 for sheriff fingerprinting fees, $19.25 for FBI check and $16 for a FDLE background investigation. I have not had a "job interview"... Read More

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    Kyasi-That's wonderful that your agency does not charge for TB,CPR etc. I am so sorry to hear about that awful HHA. Your agency did so much to help her and then she returns your kindness by being a no-call no-show.

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    we dont have to pay for TB or CPR. We didn't even have to pay for fingerprinting when it was required by the school systems for the nurses to go to school with the kids. We had a $15 background check that was taken out of our first paycheck, so you had to be hired to pay for it. I think its wrong of the agency to require you to pay before you are even hired.
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    Quote from Blackcat99
    Yikes!!!! I went to a home care private duty office and they gave me a list to complete. $16 for sheriff fingerprinting fees, $19.25 for FBI check and $16 for a FDLE background investigation. I have not had a "job interview" yet. I sure hope they plan on hiring me after I spent all this money doing their paperwork
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    Thanks all. I think this whole situation is just plain crazy. I have now completed all of the paperwork for both of these nursing agencies. I will be calling both places today to find out exactly what is next now that I have finally completed all of their paperwork requirements. Thank God, I already have another job to help pay for all of these expenses. One place did call me saying they are getting ready to do my orientation. I will update again when I know more.
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    I just called one of the agencies and found out my background check was rejected!!!!!! I have a letter here from the sheriff's office saying that they took the best obtainable digitable finger prints with the following circumstances. They said I have "worn ridges." Now the agency is telling me to go to their office grab some paperwork and go back to the sheriff's office and get my digital fingerprinting done again but this time bring it to the agency and they will process my fingerprints!!!!!!!!!! I wonder who will have to pay for this latest fiasco? I have never ever been arrested in my life!!!!!!!!!
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    If you don't want to work for these people anymore, tell them you are not able to pay again. Either they will pay for it or they will drop you from consideration.
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    Thanks caliotter3. I did not have to pay anything this time. Thank God. The sheriff's office tried again today but still not able to get good fingerprints. The agency is going to pay this time to try to get a background fingerprint check done. Yes, I am not going to pay for anymore background checks. I'm done. I gave them all of their required paperwork today. If they hire me great. If not, forget it. I will never ever pay $59.25 just to apply for a job again. However, I do believe they will hire me. I will update when I find out for sure.
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    Lot's of fingerprints are rejected but it usually has nothing to do with the person being fingerprinted and everything to do with who does the fingerprinting. You would think that the police would actually know how to do it but apparently that isn't the case because we have quite a few people who have to go back for reprinting. Our police dept doesn't charge for the second set. We had it happening so much that finally a policeman told us what days the person who couldn't seem to get them right did not work.

    Good luck to you! I hope the effort and $$ spent is worth it.

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    Thanks Kyasi. I got fingerprinted in Washington state for a Florida LPN background check and it was approved. Yes, it was difficult for them but they persisted and got it done right. I have had 3 people try here in Florida but no luck yet. I am going to start tonight putting on Gold Bond extra strength lotion on my hands every night. Therefore, in the future if I ever do need to get fingerprinted again maybe I will have better luck.
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    I still find it unbelievable that they have you do this before they ever interview a person.

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