Can distilled water be used for suctioning trachs? - page 2

I use the pink bullets of sodium chloride to suction the trach now. However, it seems we are always low on these sodium chloride bullet supplies and the company won't send more supplies until the due... Read More

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    Update: I have started a new 2nd job now. I asked the nurse at the home, "Where is the normal saline for suctioning the trach?" She showed me two large cups. I asked her what was inside the two large cups and she said "tap water". I asked her a 2nd time about it because I couldn't believe it. She said "Fill these cups with tap water. We don't use normal saline here. We use tap water for suctioning the trach."
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    They use tap water where I work also. After working an LTC for so long, sometimes it's still hard for me to wrap my brain around the different standards for procedures and protocol. The risk of nosocomial infections is nearly a non-issue in a private home, plus families may not be financially able to replace supplies as frequently as a facility would. I feel better bc in a facility I'd constantly be bothered by all the waste, especially the non-recycled plastic.
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    You mean they use tap water to instill in the trach for lavage? Yeesh! We use clean cups and clean non-sterile water to rinse through the suction catheters and the Yankauers, though. I haven't yet had a family that used a brand new sterile suction catheter for each suctioning. As for the disposable plastics, I don't like them! I like the old school vent tubing - it's sturdier, easier to work with (not as stiff so easier to get patient comfortable). They last a long time if properly cared for.
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    Thanks CloudySue and nursel56. OK. So I am not alone. They also use tap water at your job too. Yes, they use tap water to install in the trach for lavage. They use what looks like an orange foley catheter for suctioning. I haven't suctioned this child yet so that will be something new for me to try. The nurse said I suction the trach first, then the mouth and then the nose and then throw away the orange suction catheter.
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    No, just tap water for cleansing out the tube between suctions, is what I meant.
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    What type of catheter are you using and are you talking about saline for cleaning the catheter or saline for thinning secretions? If you need the saline to thin secretions, perhaps humidification is an option. Is the patient on fluid restriction?

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