1. I am thinking about take these classes over the
    summer , and my reason really is because
    I don't work M-F AND the online classes will put me
    ahead by two classes.

    English (Easy) 10am-11:45am
    Biology (Human Anatomy , not that hard) 12:15pm - 5:30pm
    Psychology ( Developmental) ONLINE
    Sociology (Intro To Sociology) ONLINE

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  3. by   JRDommer
    so you do work on the weekends? This schedule could be kind of tough depending on how much time you can put aside on the weekends. Biology can take a lot of extra study time, the other 2 online classes are relatively easy. You could possibly look into CLEPing Sociology because from what i hear, its an easy 3 credits.
  4. by   markuskristian
    Nursing school will be much harder. Consider this summer a stress prep. You can certainly take all these over summer.
  5. by   Cilantrophobe
    If you don't have kids in addition to not working I would say that it is doable. PSY, SOC, and ENG are all relatively easy in my opinion. They usually just seem to require a lot of reading and/or writing, but if you stay on top of that then that will free up plenty of time for Biology.
  6. by   Ms. Nurse Assistant
    Yeah, those classes are pretty easy. I'd do it and get it over with
  7. by   ms.hopeful2013
    I definitely would take them all over the summer! Just stay on top of all the classes
  8. by   monkeykiss
    I'd say go ahead, all those classes are easy.
    goodluck on whatever you decide!