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I've been thinking alot about my Facebook account since all the problems it has brought to people not only in nursing school but also peoples lives. So my question to you is: if you get accepted... Read More

  1. by   CuriousMe
    Quote from Saysfaa
    For whatever it is worth, my reservations about facebook have nothing to do with the appropriateness of what I post or what my friends post about me.

    They have to do with what a stalker or power freak might do with access to extensive lists of friends, and friends of friends. There are ways around the privacy settings. Also, facebook is quite notorious for suddenly changing how accessible information is. To be fair, they give opt outs - but they haven't been telling people they when they change so people can update their privacy settings.

    In today's world, most of this information can be found anyway, but facebook makes it soooo easy.
    Please enlighten us on "the ways around the privacy settings."

    Without substantiation of that statement, it's equivalent to being scared of the boogeyman in the closet. Could someone break in and hide in the closet to harm you? Of course....does it make sense to organize your life around it after taking sensible precautions (locking doors and windows)? Of course not.
  2. by   flysbyemerald08
    I never got around to making a Facebook account. I do get distracted occasionally by web browsing but force myself to close the laptop lid. Things like smartphones also get in the way as we can check our preferred websites on them as well. It's really a matter of self-discipline. You want to get an A in your class or fail while watching your Facebook status???
  3. by   chicagoing
    I won't delete my Facebook account, but I sure as heck would advise anyone and everyone to cancel those SMS alerts! Who really needs to be receiving texts about what so-and-so ate for dinner, what so-and-so's dog or cat is doing, etc.
  4. by   Jen_Jen88
    no. just be very careful what types of pictures you post and your status
  5. by   californication
    I don't think I'll delete mine. I figure that by the time I graduate (less than four years from now) I'll be slightly less addicted. I hope.

    As long as you don't abuse it and keep it private, I don't see the problem.
  6. by   kraymundo
    i did not delete it because at our program we used it to be able to communicate with the class president. we also used it to ask question to fellow classmates.

    i use it also to keep in touch with family serving this great nation of ours so those are my reasons for not deleting my account.
  7. by   Saysfaa
    Curiousme, I wrote out the ways I knew about five times, intending to post them. I thought I could because they really aren't that earthshattering as far as technique or ideas but I just can't. I don't like it being done and don't want to make it any easier for people. I realize that leaves my contention unsupported. So be it.
  8. by   NnSweets
    Just putting it out there in hopes of helping someone else...I got in some serious trouble at school because of facebook. All I did was lol on another students inappropriate comment. I was threatened with the possibility of being expelled 3 weeks before graduation!

    You cannot be overly cautious. Facebook is great for networking and it was very helpful all throughout nursing school for that reason. Just be careful. Even one slight slip in a brief moment of indiscretion could cost you your degree or your career. Be careful.
  9. by   leenak
    I spend 30 minutes/week on Facebook. I don't friend any coworkers, period. I also rarely post. Now if I started friending professors and what not, I think I'd just create a new account for professional purposes only.
  10. by   windmill182
    I deleted my facebook, or rather disabled. I found myself wasting time on it. I could use that time for much better activities. Just my opinion. Maybe, when Im done with school I will reactivate.

    My Psych teacher was talking about a correlation study with falling grade averages at MIT because of the distractions of the internet on students in class. (IE. Playing on Facebook instead of taking notes on a laptop) Obviously, if you have good discipline to not log in then it doesn't matter.
  11. by   windmill182
    I might also mention, since Ive deleted my FB I find myself on here a lot more. Is that bad or good? lol
  12. by   NnSweets
    Quote from windmill182
    I might also mention, since Ive deleted my FB I find myself on here a lot more. Is that bad or good? lol
    I think that's a good thing!

    We use fb a lot for keeping each other notified about things at school, and even have some private groups for studying and projects...

    Facebook is just so integrated into everything anymore...All my phone contacts are blended with it too....

    I am seriously considering going off the grid after what happened to me. It's just so risky. I almost got expelled for a "lol"

    Just think about it...
  13. by   mariposabella
    I dont even have a FB account.