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I recently have been looking into various nursing programs. I didn't know what my GPA for high school was until I found out today when I received my transcript. The nursing program I was looking into requires a GPA of at least... Read More

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    Quote from eramirez
    I have a Bachelors degree and have completed all the nursing prereqs within my major at the University. Since I did not take the prereqs at a community college will they also look at my cumulative GPA or just my GPA for the required prereqs? My cumulative is 3.162 and my GPA for the prereqs is along the lines of 2.5-.275. So what do you think? Can they also take the higher grade for a certain prereq. For example English 101 I got a C because my teacher was a prick he gave everyone C's but I'm an excellent writer. In my Research Writing course which is higher level 102 I received an A in. So would they be able to take this A instead of the C? I checked their transfer guide for biology and Trumans is equivalent to my BIO 198 which I got a C in but I recieved a B in BIO 197 which at their institution is higher level than my BIO 198. Will they take the B?
    It depends on the school; however, I have never heard of a school that will pick and choose grades. They either take the prereq grades or the cumulative GPA.

    Good luck!

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    Also, my school looks at both. You need 3.0 cumulative and a 3.5 in prereqs. To be competitive, you need higher.

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