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Hello Everybody! I have been using this site as a tool for years now, but didn't make my own account until today. I知 21 years old and living in NYC. I recently applied to SUNY Stony Brook and I知 trying to decide on my future... Read More

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    My story is similar to yours! Not the crazy family but I just never cared about my education at all. I never took Chemistry in highschool and made a B in college. Yes I had to work harder than everyone else BUT it sounds like you are used to working harder than everyone else anyway! Long story short, I just got accepted into nursing school yesterday...wahoo!! If I can do it so can you. So what if you struggle and have to work harder than everyone else, it will mean more to you!


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    Thank you so much to everyone who gave me feedback! I felt truly blessed and it definitely gave me a huge push in the right direction! I am very fond of younger kids, and have made my final decision to become a pediatric ICU Nurse. One way another I will make it there. I am still waiting to hear back from Stony Brook, but once I get my acceptance letter I知 all in. Again, I am amazed by the encouragement I have received from complete strangers on here. I wish I could responded to all of you l individually, but hurricane Sandy hit NYC pretty hard and I知 sharing my laptop with a few people.

    In case anyone is interested, my parents have come a long way since I was a child. My mother called me yesterday and offered to pay for my housing deposit for school, and my father offered to even help pay for some books. Things are looking up for me, and I keep getting this random rush of happiness go through me. Though I am still quite nervous, am I so excited to start learning!

    Again, thank you everyone! You have truly eased my mind. You should see me posting on here more often!
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    Stony Brook is a tough school, especially for the sciences, and the nursing program is super competitive. You sound as though you can do it though, you've persevered through a lot and have come out on top. Don't be too scared of chemistry, a basic chem course is a lot of math, which you seem to have down. Once you're done with your first science course, you'll feel more confident. Good Luck for the future! I hope you get your acceptance letter soon.

    Ps. Tell your story of trials and tribulations when you're ready to apply for SB's nursing program and are writing the essay, they look for a diverse student population in their nursing program.
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    I have also heard it is a tough school, but when I ask what makes Stony Brook tougher than any other University; people don't have much of answer for me. Could you please elaborate? Did you go to Stony Brook or is this something you have heard, too? Thanks!
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    I also forgot to mention I already applied at UVM ( University of Vermont) and got accepted. There program doesn't seem as flexible, however. Those are the two colleges I've narrowed it down to. Any suggestions?
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    In my opinion, any nursing program would be lucky to have you. I think it will boil down to your personal choice of where you want to go, as it should be. Keep your options open & go where your heart leads you. So far it hasn't led you astray & it has brought you thru adversity.
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    Quote from FutureNurseNYC
    Thanks so much everyone! Your words are so encouraging! I'm going to go for it and devote most of time to studying.
    I think I'll make it out alive!
    Of course you will! Good luck and please keep us posted.
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    WOW, I admire you!!!!! You are very smart and will make an awesome nurse!
    Thank you for sharing your story... GO FOR IT!!!! Your story, reminds me of a book I just read called, "breaking night" about a homeless gal that went onto Harvard! She had no education background, and smart as a whip like you!!!! ~Blessings to You~
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    no. you will not. If you can do what you did to get your HS diploma and get to where you are....literally girl, you can do anything you want to do. You have what it takes to do it. If you aren't understanding the subject matter, you are one of the few who will figure out how to wrap their head around it. You can do this. No question. And you probably will be more successful than those who had mommy and daddy put them through private school and university.
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    So many people have accomplished seemingly impossible goals by sheer determination. The will to succeed can be a strong determining factor, and for some the most important. It sounds as though everything you have achieved thus far has been because you wanted it badly enough and worked hard. You study and ask for help when you need it, and that's half the battle. I don't believe you'll fail because you wont let yourself fail. You are truly inspiring, and I wish you the best of luck.

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