When does your Spring Semester start and what r u taking? - page 6

My Spring Semester Starts on January 23rd and i am taking Political Science, Math, Psy, and my Humanities class......Really excited to start my 1st semester......and a little nervous at the same... Read More

  1. by   NNP2017
    I'll be starting the 17th. Im taking social psychology, clinical psychology, patho and pharm.. haha itll be an interesting semester.
  2. by   Exhaustipated
    My semester starts January 17th, and I'm taking A&P I and Lab, and Literature & Composition. I got an e-mail from the Biology Department yesterday with my first 3 chapters of A&P notes. Yikes! I'm determined to maintain the 4.0 I earned my first semester, so I'll be doing lots of studying.
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  3. by   leenak
    I have 2 prerequisites left, AP 1&2. I start AP1 on January 24th. I'm looking forward to it