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I have been in Advertising and design my whole life (I am 46) and I am now planning to go back to school to become a nurse. Are there any others out there in my shoes? Will anyone hire a nearly 50... Read More

  1. by   BlackMurse1
    I graduated with 3, 40 somethings and 2, 50 somethings, with the right grades, effort and discipline you should be fine. I firmly believe that 62+ is the iffy age simply because of the risks the Health Care Facility would assume comes with that age.
  2. by   Exhaustipated
    Quote from bluedawg
    Will anyone hire a nearly 50 new grad.?
    I certainly hope so. I'll be 47 when I graduate. I know things aren't easy for new grads right now, but I also know that almost all the people who graduated from my school's program last spring are now gainfully employed. I continue to hope.
  3. by   rlewisteach
    I am 37 and just got accepted. I am not stopping with nursing (I want to become a nurse practitioner) so I know it will be a long road and I will be in my 40s when all is said and done. I have young kids though so I think that keeps me young. Just keep yourself healthy and you should be fine. Like someone else said, life aint easy. If nursing is where you feel called then you will love it.
  4. by   Cortney
    I often wonder the same thing!

    I am 31 years old and most of the students at my school are all in their early 20's. I feel a bit silly at times that I waited so long to pursue my dream, but I am SO glad I'm doing it-- finally! I really hope I'm not the oldest person in my class when I start the RN program in January.

    My opinion... your NEVER to old to pursue your dream! As far as hiring goes... I cant imagine you having a huge problem because of your age. If your qualified, your qualified... right?!

    I wish you the best of luck on your nursing journey!! Thanks for posting, it's nice to know there are other's who feel the same.
  5. by   Cortney
    Good for you rlewisteach!!! That's awesome!! Congratulations on being accepted! I just got accepted last week to a program after waiting 3+ years!

    We're going to rock nursing school!
  6. by   rubato
    I've decided that 42 is too old to start nursing school! (That's how old I am and started this semester).
    I'm soooo tired!
  7. by   perioddrama
    What is that quote, "Age ain't nothin' but a number?"

    If you have your heart in nursing, go in with your eyes wide-open. Know that at this current time, the job market for new grads is brutal, but not impossible. Hopefully by the time you graduate, it will be smooth sailing.

    Good luck!
  8. by   old_dude
    I start Nursing school in January, after a year of prereqs, and I turn 46 next week. It won't be easy, but if you want it bad it enough it will be worth it. I just pray that I want it as bad when I graduate as I want it now.
  9. by   violetgirl
    You are never too old! Age is just a number! I am 46 years old too and why should that stop me?

    Stay positive, be focused, and always follow your dreams!

    Many blessings your way~

    Keep us posted on what you decide to do.
  10. by   klynn81
    Quote from ThePrincessBride
    This is not the time to be trying to get into nursing. I know someone who left 60k per year job just to go into nursing. Unwise...And this goes to everyone not just people of a certain age.
    Note entirely true. I can't speak for other areas but where I live in Canada there is a big demand for nurses!!!! NOW is the time more than ever!! Regardless of how young or old you are. I'm 31 and just going back to school for nursing. Never too old to follow your heart!
  11. by   Kimynurse
    I was 40 , when I became a LPN, I'll be 45 when I become a RN, I'm giving my self 5 years each next step, 50 when I get BSN, 55 for NP , 60 for doctor of nurse practitioner.

    Good luck, your never too old
  12. by   calinursestudent818
    You're never too old! If you have the passion, desire and will you can do whatever you set your mind to! I have a relative who recently became an RN at 51. She's been working as a school nurse, she loves it. She also worked in a hospital for awhile and while it was ok, she prefers the little slower pace working as a school nurse as an older nurse. She plans to start working on her masters in about a year, so she can go into administration in a couple of years.

    I'm almost 41 and I'll be 43 almost 44, by the time I finish nursing school. There are alot of older women making the career change to nursing, so you are not alone! So go for it!
  13. by   RunnerRN2015
    I'll turn 46 at the end of December and will start nursing school in January. I'll be an RN about 2 weeks before I turn 48!