What was your excitement level!

  1. What was your excitement/anxiety level when you turned in your nursing application. I'm excited about what's to come, but nervous about how nursing school will be. I heard that it is very time consuming and that worries me a bit being that I have children.
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  3. by   WWTucker
    My level of anxiety was much higher in the months leading up to turning in my application than any other time. A couple months before the application deadline my school had an information seminar for the ADN program. After that seminar I felt very good about my chances. The waiting for acceptance letter was more irritating than worrisome. My first class of nursing school was today. :-)I wish you luck on your plans to become a nurse.
  4. by   x_factor
    My application is sitting on desk in my room right now. Words cannot accurately describe my level of anxiety. I want to make sure I have all my paperwork perfect before I turn it in (deadline isn't until the last day of February, applications were just put out this week). My anxiety is high because I'm finishing up the last of my pre-reqs this semester as well, and my grades need to be perfect, or my chances of acceptance are shot (my program is extremely competitive and the GPA cutoff is insanely high).

    My nerves are fried, lol.
  5. by   zoe92
    I just turned in 6 applications/admission packets. In the next 1-3 months I will hear back. My anxiety is through the roof. I am still on winter break for another week but I can't wait until schools starts so I can focus on other things.
  6. by   Stephalump
    I was super super excited! Then I realized I'd be on a cruise the week the acceptance/denial letters were sent out and I was devastated that I'd have to wait even longer.
    Then when I finally got the letter I was over the moon! Until about halfway through the second week. Since then I've just been very tired and excited to graduate!
  7. by   Miiki
    I honestly can't remember. The feelings of anxiety and fear of rejection were much stronger.

    But.. All is well! I made it on the first try and just attended my first day of nursing school today.

    Good luck!
  8. by   NursingN.C
    Thanks guys for answering my post I was just curious of others people's emotions before turning in their NS application. Anyways good luck to everyone and I hope that you guys are wishing me good luck as well
  9. by   SaraMC
    I was very excited but also worried that I won't be excepted. That ill have all A's on my final report and a high hesi score and someone will still beat me for the spot. But all I can do is my very best and pray for the rest! Lol