What should I buy?

  1. Hi,
    I"ve decided to enter into Nursing at BCCC to obtain my ASN then go on to get my BSN at UMBC.I would like to know what do I need far as books,materials,basically anything that will help me be the best Nursing student! Please Help!!!!!
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    You need to be more specific as to where BCCC is as there are several schools in the US that use that abbreviation
  4. by   thenameismac
    It's in MD. I have found that not a lot of people really respond from BCCC specially but if you search supplies for nursing school I find that its pretty universal. i hope this makes sense.
  5. by   PediatricDream
    Baltimore City Community College! I didnt be more specific because I just wanted to know what i need far as books,supplies, and other material to help me be well prepared.So the school really doesnt matter....
  6. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Your school will make recommendations as far as books and required supplies. Some programs want specific nursing drug books and nursing diagnosis handbooks. Other schools just say get a drug handbook and nursing diagnosis book. While the extra information is helpful, it may be an added expense if you purchase the wrong version/publisher. If you haven't completed pre-req courses yet, you can try some of the supplemental books such as Anatomy Coloring Book, Physiology Coloring Book, Microbiology Demystified or Microbiology made easy.

    You can check your program requirements, some schools provide a list of supplies other schools require students to purchase a kit of specific supplies (stethoscope, blood pressure kit, clamps, scissors, watch, clip board, penlight, etc.) We were given a list of supplies to purchase such as BP cuff, scope, scissors, penlight, etc. Our book list was made available approximately 3-4 months in advance including recommended and required titles complete with ISBN numbers so that we could shop around for the best deal. Do you know your course outline yet? (Such as first semester is fundamentals of nursing...)

    You can also purchase an NCLEX prep book as that will likely be helpful throughout your program. Some people like the Demystified and Made Incredibly Easy, and Exam Cram books as they break down the concepts rather well. You can find the books in major book retailers as well as online.

    Good luck.
  7. by   PediatricDream
    Thank you so much!!! Yes,I have a list I just wanted to know other things that other people used to make it a little easier
  8. by   NightNerd
    Do you mean University of Baltimore? UMBC does not have a BSN program (and if they do, I wish someone had told me! )

    As far as what to have on hand, other than buying textbooks (including any suggested reading in your classes), it really depends on how study. I did pretty well using my notes, copies of slideshows from lectures, and the occasional Google foray. You might want flashcards (there are some very good ones out there), an A & P coloring book, etc. Once you get into the nursing program, there are lots of other books that others can recommend to get you through classes - since I'm almost but not quite there yet, I can't give any specific titles, sorry.

    I second the poster who said to start reviewing for the NCLEX as early as possible. I found a website that emails you a sample NCLEX question every day! Here it is: NCLEX Question of the Day by Email
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  9. by   x_factor
    Are you just starting out in school? Pre-reqs? Or have you been accepted into a nursing program? If you are just starting school, you'll start out taking your pre-reqs before applying for any nursing programs. Your pre-reqs will likely be the standards that most other schools require: math, english, different sciences (micro, chemistry, A&P, ect.), psychology, electives, and so on. Is there a specific class that you are looking for supplemental materials for? Such as A&P supplements? What classes are you currently taking? A little more information would be helpful.
  10. by   PediatricDream
    Thanks...Im actually talking about University Of Maryland School Of Nursing. Its Downtown Baltimore and they have a BSN program
  11. by   zoe92
    Yeah university of Maryland in Baltimore has the BSN and is not UMBC.