What should I expect to be on the Kaplan Nursing entrance exam?

  1. 0 [color=#333333]i know the kaplan nursing exam is newer, and so of course i can't seem to find much information on it. i am applying to a nursing program in the spring semester (march 1st 2013 is the deadline) so that i can be in the program in the fall. i am taking a&p in a little over a month, this fall (2012). so when i take the exam i would only have learned information from a&p and maybe i will be a month into my a&p ii class when i take it. would that be a problem? would it be risky to take the exam without really knowing a&p ii stuff yet? any advice on how to tackle that? i hope that makes sense. i just wanted to see if any one had any advice on how to study for it, what to expect and any other tips from experience.

    thanks so much!
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    I took the Kaplan test for my nursing school and the science portion on mine was all A&P stuff. Luckily I had taken both semesters of A&P so it really helped. I still ended up getting like a 75% on the section overall because the questions were all so specific and it had been a semester since I had it. Hope that helps!!
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    I was wondering the same thing. The difference being that I only have to pass the English and Math portions of the test. I am applying to the Practical nursing program rather than the RN program. I will need good scores on this test to get in, so I am trying to find out where to locate a study guide. I thought that I was required to take the Accuplacer, so I have studied my butt off for it only to find out that I need the Kaplan instead. I guess all the studying is good either way though. I have been out of school for twenty four years, so I needed my memory jogged. Fractions, ratios, and area of a box...oh my. LOL
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    I am also taking the Kaplan soon. From what I have researched, it is heavy on the physiology portion of A and P.
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    Depends on your school. My school doesn't require chemistry so our science portion was pure A&P. My math section was easy, PEMDAS work, fractions, decimals, some extremely basic dosage calculations. The reading section is alot like what you would see on an SAT. The writing was so weird. I would suggest studying the writing from an SAT book. my writing section was nothing like the kaplan study guide. Good Luck! Also know that its the same test every time for your school so make sure you really pay attention during the test. If you have to retake it again you may be able to remember what the questions were! On my last kaplan, I got an 80% on science because I memorized ten of the questions from the previous semester!
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    I recommend getting the study guide. It's just called the Kaplan Nursing School Entrance Exam Guide or something like that. The reading and interpreting portions were reading a few paragraphs and determining the main idea, what is being inferred, if it's persuasive, things like that. Math was heavy on decimals, fractions, simple word problems. I found the study guide to be a good review for that. I can't even remember the science portion - I took it before I'd taken any pre reqs and I knew nothing. My school only looked at the math and reading scores.
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    I just took it a few months back so maybe I can be of help. =) Out of curiosity, what school are you planning on applying to?

    The Kaplan Entrance Exam has 4 portions: Reading, Writing, Math, and Science.

    For the reading portion, I had long passages to read and then answer multiple choice questions. It's very similar to the reading you'd have on the ACT or SAT except easier! You can prepare by doing some sample passages and questions, but don't stress it.

    I should have done much better than I did on the writing portion. It has passages that are usually 2-3 paragraphs long. They ask questions about the passages like, "Which sentence is not needed?" "In which sentence to the verb and subject not agree?" "Which sentences could be combined?" If you use the kaplan study book (which I did), do not bother with the writing portion of the book. It is not similar at all to the test. I mean it, I completely did not expect the writing portion to be like it was.

    The math was very basic. The majority of it was conversions from decimals to fractions and fractions to decimals. There were a few very simple dosage questions so you may want to do a few samples of those. The problems were pretty easy and I got a 95% in this section.

    The science is like everyone else says, all A&P. My test seemed to be primarily A&P II. I had only had a month of A&P II when I took the exam and I did okay, but not stellar. Because I was worried about that section, I had bought an Anatomy and Phys. For Dummies book to try to review with and learn the stuff I hadn't learned yet. It was helpful and I recommend it.

    Good luck! Let me know if you have any questions!
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    I'm supposed to be taking the Kaplan pretty soon and I'm using the Kaplan study guide but I do not see a section for the writing portion of it. What's a good study tool to help me prepare for the writing portion?

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