Waiting For Spring 2013 Acceptance..Anyone else?

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    I just sent in my final piece for admissions, my essay. Now, I wait. I will find out in October if I'm accepted for spring start. I've waiting so long to get here. Anyone else playing the waiting game???
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    I too am waiting for my acceptance letter. I turned in my application almost 2 months ago and my school doesn't start looking at applications until mid September, sends acceptance letters in late October to start in the Spring. This has been the longest summer of my life!!!! But I can't wait to (hopefully) start my program!! Good luck to you!
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    ME! Applied to 4 schools for spring, possibly a 5th school that is private. I am applying for BSN programs only. Hopefully somewhere will want me.
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    Wow that's great! I'm sure you'll get accepted somewhere...good luck!!!
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    I applied the 1st week of august and I won't hear anything before late September or October. And I think it will be helpful to mention the school so mine is Del Tech Community College!
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    Yes, just submitted my app Thursday. I'm so anxious and checking my status couple times a day.
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    I applied July 14th. They are supposed to send letters out in mid September. I can't wait!
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    where did everyone apply? or where are you planning to apply. I know a handful are still accepting applications.
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    I live in Maryland. I applied to University of Maryland, WVU, Marymount U, Delaware State U, and I may apply to Wesley College in Delaware. I am trying not to get too attached to one specific school because I don't want to get upset if I get rejected.
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    i applied for spring 2013 absn program too... i applied to 3 schools. lets all hope we can get in to at least one!

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