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I am a nervous wreck waiting on whether or not I am accepted to my school's nursing program for this fall 2013, and thought that starting this thread may be able to keep myself and others company......:nailbiting:....Please feel... Read More

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    Quote from tifaruby
    Wow.. I understand your feeling.. More waiting just killing us .. Nervous, dont know what to do, where to go..
    I finally got a Supplemental Application to one of my schools! One step closer!

    I've been kept busy with school and extracurricular things. Hope you all are doing well!

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    Such a nerve-racking wait!! I only applied for one BSN program. My pre-rec gpa is a 3.92, but I was a horrible student in my early years and they factor in all classes from all schools and don't do grade replacement, so my cumulative is going to be significantly lower (STILL waiting for NursingCAS to calculate!), which makes me nervous!! Made a 92.8 on my TEAS, 5 letters of recommendation from nurses, charge nurses, and clinical managers I have worked with, and almost 6 years working in hospital ICUs/ER. My school of choice doesn't do interview, they concider the personal statement to be your interview, and I feel like mine was pretty good. I feel like I've done everything I can to make my application as good as possible, now just waiting!! It was due Feb 1st, and won't hear anything until mid-march at the earliest, beginning of Feb at the latest.
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    Very nervous about getting in this fall as well. Third time applying to a community college A.D.N. program in my area. This is surprising since I have a 3.8 GPA, but hoping that a third times a charm. I also applied to a four year college and am just finishing that essay now. Won't hear back from either until late April/early May. I am wishing everyone good luck!!
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    You sound very experienced and prepared! Hoping you get in!!
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    REJECTION, sort of! I applied to an accelerated program in my area and received a 'Congratulations, you are alternate #5'. So, I guess I will apply to their two year program and will have to wait another 2 months to find out if I start in the Fall. I have to admit it is a little devastating.....but I know God has a plan. Who knows, maybe they will have five people drop out.
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    Honestly, while I have no idea, I would think that being in the Top 5 of the Alternates gives you a really good shot of getting a spot. Keep the faith I think this is mostly good news for you.

    I too was wait listed at one of the schools I applied to - but they do not indicate what number on the wait list I occupy so I really have no ideas.

    I know you are disappointed right now and hoped for better news, but I would feel good being in the Top 5 alternates to be honest. Good Luck and Keep us posted!
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    I got in!!!!!!!! Just got my letter
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    I am waiting to get an acceptance/rejection letter as well. For those of you guys that received an acceptance letter already, what was the application deadline for the school you applied to? The school that I'm applying to deadline is on March 1st. I'm wondering how long after that date will letters start going out.
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    Congratulations kschafer!

    dsb_fam: I think you still have a really good chance of getting in to the accelerated program! A lot of times people apply to multiple schools and will have to reject their spot or things come up in life that prevent them from accepting their spot. I know it's still disappointing though.
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    My deadline was January 15, got my letter about a month later, but wasn't expecting to hear until March 1. So prolly middle of April or so for you, I'm guessing? I hope time flies for you, lala!
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