Is volunteering a good way to get a job at the hospital

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    I wondering if volunteering at the hospital would be the best way for me to get my foot in at the hospital and also once I go to nursing school I could apply for a job there?

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    I started volunteering at 2 different hospitals (in different departments) to try and get a feel for how various hospitals and departments work -- and also to help people . To my surprise, most of the staff (i.e. patient care techs, nurses, some doctors, etc.) thought that I was volunteering to try and get a job. I suppose that is a common thing?! I had no idea. But, volunteering is definitely a good way to meet some people that could share their experience(s) with you and even be a mentor for you. (I've met some really awesome people so far.)

    I would try to go in to a volunteer position more to gain experience, than to try and secure a job for the future, BUT you never know what might happen!
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    I was wondering the same thing. I start an ABSN program in May. The schedule changes every 8 weeks so I don't see how I can work. I thought maybe volunteering might be doable and also help get a foot in the door.
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    I am volunteering for the opportunity to observe the nurses and the flow of the is just a great to be able to see various concepts we learn in A&P put into a practical perspective. For example looking a blood values and what these may indicate and reviewing EKGs. The nurses are great at explain things when they have time. I help out with turning over the rooms, sitting with patients that need companion, and other small things like taking samples to the lab etc.

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