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I met with the counselor at our local community college yesterday. She helped me make a list of all prerequisites I would need to transfer to the State University's BSN program. I knew there would be a ton of classes to take,... Read More

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    exactly, just like Crittytn mentioned above, you will need to find what's suitable for you. accelerated programs are not BAD, they are just more concentrated and need to devote MORE time to study, if obviously you have less time than other students, your best choice will be a slower program but in the end gives you the same results

    Some might say that you get into work force faster once graduate from an accelerated program, but you never know what the work force is going to be in 1,2,3...years from now. Still, rush into anything too fast is not going to benefit in long terms and its just common sense. Just do what makes you more comfortable, do well and then move on.

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