to all the moms....

  1. 0 How did you balance kids and nursing program? Especially newborns
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    Id like to know this too I have toddlers and start my degree next year
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    I haven't started my program, and won't until next year. I'm sure it's just lots of time management.
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    I havent started the program yet and my kids are 7 and 9 but I have been in school for 2 1/2 years. It takes a lot if sacrifice and a lot of help. If anyone says they will watch the baby for you, let them and take that time to study. I don't work Fridays and don't have class either so I spend all Friday studying and doin homework. You can fit it all into your schedule if you are good at time management. It's not easy but you can do it!
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    Well, I'm not in nursing school. I'm finishing up my prereqs and am currently in a summer a&p class. I have a 7 month old, 3 year old and 15 year old. My husband tries to help as much as possible, but I breastfeed, so he's not able to do that. It's very hard. I'm up until about midnight studying, because my baby doesnt like to go to sleep unless I'm holding him. I basically get no sleep. I try to study at every chance I get. I can't do any social events, just constantly study :/

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    I don't start nursing school until August, but for the past year while I've taken all my pre req's it's only been doable only because my husband is very supportive, and works really early, so he gets home early. We have three children, 7,6, and 3. Along with a supportive husband I have a few girlfriends who have been amazing and kept my kids when my husband couldn't. Bottom line, I couldn't have done it without an amazing support system.
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    Time management is huge. I have a 7 month old and 2 year old at home and I am always doing something. When the boys are sleeping, napping, eating, or being good I am either studying or cleaning. My husband is a huge help when he gets home from work but in the end it's my job to make sure everything gets done. Have hope.... it is possible to be successful and have infants around.

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