Tips on getting an A in A&P1?

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    I just purchased Anatomy and Physiology Made Incredibly Easy online, and hope to start in on that book before class begins. Has anyone else used this book? Did you pull an A?

    For those of you who were able to earn A's in your A&P courses, I would love any advice, thank you!
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    I did make an A in A&P 1, but it was not easy. Halfway through the semester I had a mid B so I started studying pretty much non-stop and at the very end pulled my grade up. I wish I would have started out strong so I wouldn't have been so stressed at the end, but I guess it worked out okay.

    I really wasn't sure how to study the material. My prof always talked about taking a learning skills assessment (you can find some free ones online) to figure out if you were a visual learner or auditory or whatever. I took one of those and I was pretty much equal in each, so I decided to study in every way I could think of. I used flashcards, drew pictures, watched YouTube videos, re-listened to my teacher's lectures, talked to anyone who would listen about what I was learning (my mom especially; she loved me too much to tell me to shut up), and went to my teacher's weekly discussions where she offered extra help. I also went to my teacher's office after tests to review my test and figure out what I did wrong and how to improve. I refused to nurture an "I don't really care" attitude as so many of my classmates did mid-semester.

    I struggled with balancing my study for this class with my study for my other classes. I put A&P 1 first every time, and that hurt me some in my other classes. There is nothing wrong with making a B, as long as you did your best.

    Biggest tips: Go beyond just reading the book when you study, keep in touch with your professor about your progress and don't be afraid to ask for help, and put as much time as you can (as you need) into studying for this class. If you're determined, you can do it.
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    I'm not finished with A&P I yet, but so far, I've got an A. The only thing I would add to wordsofmymouth's advice is to find a good study group. I am so thankful for my study group.
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    I studied everyday for at least 2 hours. It was non stop with me. It is a lot of information, and cramming is never the way to go. I must say it's opposite for me. I study better alone. Study groups distract me. But to each their own. I would try studying with a partner and if you feel this helps you continue with it. But if your getting grades you feel you would without a partner, it would be best to study alone. AP is really not hard at all, just a lot of information. Just tackle it little by little and you will do fine.
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    I also got an A in A&P 1. I agree with kamecee that you have to study as you go. Do not plan on cramming sessions to get you by with a good grade. I read the material before lectures, so that I could just use lecture to build upon my knowledge. I used the study guides that the instructor kindly made available to us for the exams. I tried to go through the material and make up my own exam questions as I went along, things I thought she would possibly be expecting us to know. I didn't use a study group - personally, I feel that I often study better on my own. Study groups are great for some people, but I find them to be a big time suck with not a lot of added reward for me. But if you know yourself well, and know how you learn, and think that study groups are beneficial to you, use them. Do whatever works for you in other classes and you will do well. I also found that studying in a quiet room did NOT work for me. After learning about the brain and how the reticular formation of your brain uses excess stimuli to keep your brain active and alert, I understand why (thank you, A&P!!). Use some kind of background noise to keep you alert and focused!
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    Hey Avalee!

    First of all- don't worry, you are going to do just fine- you are already sooo ahead of the curve being so prepared before class! I did the same thing- getting the book early b/c I was so freaked!!
    What really helped me in Anatomy was videotaping on my phone going over the model figures with my lab partner. A lot of students have done this and posted on youtube. I would watch those over and over again at home, because even though everything is in the book, on the practicals we were tested on the same models we studied with in class.
    I would also go to the tutoring lab and record a tutor going over the model for me and then try it myself with the tutor again and again, then go home and watch the tutor version to cement it.
    I'm someone who needs hands-on studying so it really helped me for the practicals.

    Physio- I loooove concepts, so I was really fascinated in this class. Whenever I had a hard time with something (it took me so long to really get cellular respiration to the point where I could teach it b/c I know it so well)---
    I would go to kids science websites where they break stuff down really simply, then I would go to my favorite learning website EVER- --- he breaks physio concepts down so well, I swear this site's saved me before a test a million times! They have a ton of subjects that are lectured on.

    I don't think a lot of people use teacher's office hours, but I strongly encourage you to get to know your teacher, befriend them and make use of the office hours. I've found that having a strong relationship with a teacher who knows you are really putting in the effort can go a long way. Later in applying for stuff, you can go to them for recommendation letters and advice.
    I've also emailed my science teachers before classes started as well, just introducing myself. It's a good start to class, then they already have heard your name on day one and keep an eye out for you.

    I strongly encourage you to really lean into this knowledge- I just took the TEAS and it's allllll on the study guide! Not to mention the fact that we will use this info to help others the rest of our lives!!

    Oh, and GOOD LUCK!!!
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    ps- I picked a random youtube video from an anatomy class so you can see what I mean.
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    man, those are some super long names in that video..kind of intimidated now..
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    I'm getting an A so for in A&P. (Out of 4 tests, my lowest score is 97)I'd say find your own study techniques that work for you. Honestly, I don't study a lot. I go to every class and every lab and make sure I understand everything prior to leaving the lab.I study a couple hours every day a few days before the test. I go over class notes and actually run things through my head throughout the day. If there are things that I have trouble memorizing, I note those.
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    Quote from GodsSon128
    man, those are some super long names in that video..kind of intimidated now..
    Honestly, I wouldn't be too intimidated. Anatomy builds on itself though. So when you learn the areas of the body, it helps you learn the bones. When you learn the bones, that and the areas of the Body help you understand many of the muscle names.
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