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    It was one of "those" days.

    Hello. I am your local barista suffering through a shift at a mall store. I have whipped cream on my freshly washed cardigan and sharpie on my brand new khakis. My smile is starting to strain and I have recently burned my hands (again). Finally, my only break for the day is upon me.

    I grab a grande iced Americano and head to a nearby table. Sitting feels SO good. I massage my heels and inspect my newest blister. I decide to check my phone. I have a text message from an irate classmate full of expletives. She didn't get in. I panic and call my husband and shriek that he needs to go get the mail.


    I don't care if he dies in his video game. I don't.

    I immediately start to cry. Again, it's been one of "those" days and I'm not sure if I can handle rejection right now. I start nervously fidgeting and remind myself that I have had straight A's since I came back to school. I did exceptionally well on my TEAS test. I have great recommendations and a good essay. I hear him going down the stairs. WALK FASTER!

    He says there is a letter from the local institute of nursing and it's thick. I'm choked up. I tell him to read it to me.

    "NO! Just read it. Tell me yes or no."

    I pick at a hangnail.

    "You got in."

    Every single customer for the rest of the day was notified.

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    Lol. Congrats!
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    Yay!!! I love your acceptance letter story. That's absolutely fantastic Welcome to our group of newly accepted nursing students. I'll see you over on the General Nursing Student board!

    When is your orientation? Do you start in the Fall?
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    That sounded like a movie.

    Congrats !!
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    Cogratulations!! How exciting! I can't wait until I get that "letter" (although I have two more semesters until I can even apply). I loved your comment: "I don't care if he dies in his video game. I don't" because I can totally relate to that, lol!!! Congrats again!
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    This is really awesome! Congratulations!
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    That is so cool!

    I love it when I'm a customer and someone (waitstaff, retail sales person, whoever) tells me good news like that... I don't know why it always perks me up so much, but it does.

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