Thank You AN for Helping Me Get Into Nursing School!! Thank You AN for Helping Me Get Into Nursing School!! | allnurses

Thank You AN for Helping Me Get Into Nursing School!!

  1. 8 I found out two days ago at 22:26 that I was accepted into my first choice BSN program that I applied to! I am very happy and excited to begin my journey into nursing school.

    I just wanted to say thank you to the Allnurses community for all the advice, tips, encouragement and friendship that I have gained from using this site. I know the information on here will also help me get through the program
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    Congrats! I got into a BSN as well for the fall! Allnurses is great!
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    Yes it is a wonderful resource! I have been able to get help preparing for the TEAS & to communicate with others that also applied to the same program with me.
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    Congrats to you both!!
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    Congratulations, katsmeow and zoe92!
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    Congratulations on getting accepted into a nursing program!

    And last but not least, I know I speak for others when I say we are pleased that you have been finding helpful.
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    Congratulations! Make sure you have lots of fun this summer, so you are ready to commit to being a student come fall
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    Congratulations, that is FABULOUS news!!! This site has been a continuous source of support. I just got my letter today, as well (3:36 PM, I'll never forget!)

    Best of luck!
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    CONGRATS! Where will you be attending?
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