Taking Chemisty fall 2010

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    Hi everyone !

    I am taking Chemisty Essentials General Bio Chem in the fall at TCC South campus (ft Worth TX). I am nervous already. I'm looking for ANY advice anyone can give me for this class. tips for studing, import things to know ...ect. What can I expect? I know its early but I want to get started to prepare myself. I'm also looking for anyone else starting Chem that would like to start a study group.


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    I too am taking chemisty this fall. I am also taking human biology. Good luck!
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    thanks what school are you going to?
    yeah most people think I'm crazy b/c i'm taking Chem and Micro at the same time

    good luck to you too
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    I took Organic Chemistry and I found it to be much easier than the Bio classes because there isn't a lot of memorization just understanding the information. I found that understanding something is way easier than memorizing. Good Luck 2 u!
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    thanks for the response
    thats good to hear the org chem isn't too bad!
    Yeah I've heard theres algerbra in micro so its harder for those of us that suck at math.
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    I'm sure it depends a lot on the school and the particular class, but I just took one called General & Physiological Chemistry this past spring. I'm 28. It was my very first pre-requisite class and my first science class I've taken since high school (10 years). I last took Chemistry in 10th grade (12 years ago). I got a C that time...

    I breezed through this course and aced it. I'm not bragging, I worked for it. But this time around I was working towards something I know I want - becoming a nurse. Didn't have that in high school and I think it helps.

    I studied every single day... even if it was just a few minutes going through my flash cards. It's true this class is more about understanding the workings of things rather than straight memorization. I don't really know what else to day except that I was nervous too seeing as how long it had been for me. Just keep up with the material and PRACTICE what they give you. If I did it anyone can.
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    i am nervous and stressed out .i want this more than anything. science wasn't too bad for me in h.s but that was many moons ago and i don't remember that stuff anymore. the pressure of having to make a's and the fact i've been out of school for "awhile", its alot different going to college right out of h.s than when you're in your 30's and have kids. i will have to get a routine down to study and i plan to study as much as i possible can!
    thanks for the advice
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    I've taken general chem and organic chem and i was very nervous for both of them. But they were not that hard and i think it has a lot to do with your frame of mind, just try to get excited for the classes and you will do great!
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    that is a good point, I need to be excited and not let the stress mess me up. Glad it wasn't that bad for you and that it was possible to do two science class at the same time.
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    No problem, my a nd p teacher actually told me that and it really worked for me

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