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I just found out that Ocean County College has opened another completely online microbiology course in their Summer 10 week semester starting May 23 2011. You need to buy a microscope with and oil... Read More

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    I am going to take the micro with Walker and wonder does he still require a proctor with the bio sig? I did the anatomy and it did say you needed a proctor but they only required the biosig.

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    I just emailed instructor at Edukan, no proctor now that they use the bio sig validation.
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    anyone know if WGU will accept micro from edukan ??
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    WOW!!! you have to buy a microscope? How much does a decent one of those run? $250?
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    I would look at You do not have to purchase anything but pay for the course and the lab software which is inexpensive. The virtual lab is as good as any lab I have been in and you will learn just at much. The best part is that you can do the work around your schedule. It isn't any easier but the convenience is well worth it.

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    who was your professor when you took the couse. I'm thinking hard of taking it?
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    As per the Terms of Service of the site we request that names or initials of instructors etc at the nursing course are not names