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  1. Humulus

    Which route do I take?

    Despite what some people say, ASN grads are being hired.
  2. Humulus

    Summer Microbiology Online Course at OCC

    WOW!!! you have to buy a microscope? How much does a decent one of those run? $250?
  3. Humulus

    Yes, I am in

  4. Humulus

    Microbiology in the summer?

    Like any other summer class - it will be much more difficult than taking it for a full term/semester. But if you put in the time then you should be able to do it. Micro isn't really that hard of a class. Just study a bit everyday and you'll be golden. It's strange to hear about all these people taking micro while doing A&P classes. At my school A&P 1,2, and 3 were prerequisites to taking microbiology. My friends mother took micro at a different school (no A&P prerequisite) and the class was completely different than mine. Mine was all about microbes/zombies(viruses, prions, etc..) and the actual pathogenesis of the diseases they cause - as well as treatment of the disease. My friends mother school was much more general about microbes/zombies. Essentially, my class was focused on microbes/healthcare and my friends mothers class was about microbes in general. So that's probably the reason A&P was required before taking te class.
  5. Really, you should not worry about A&P at all. My school had A&P 1,2 and 3. A&P 1 was all about memorization and getting basic things down like action potentials, muscle contraction, histology, ANS, and basic anatomy like bones/muscles/integument. A&P 2 was less about memorizing hard facts as it was understanding how the various body systems work together - this was the funnest for me, it included; Brain/CNS/PNS, hematology, special senses, cardiovascular/lymphatic, and immunity. 2 was more about concepts than hard facts, but there was still a lot of anatomy and dissections. A&P 3 was almost all about concepts - Somebody could learn all the AP3 anatomy in a day. 3 was respiratory, urinary, acid/base, digestive, reproductive, and endocrine. It sounds like a lot when listed like this, but you take it piece by piece - so it's not all that hard to learn.
  6. Humulus

    Application points for LCC and OCNE schools.

    So I just took the essay...... Damn I did really poorly. I'm so frustrated. I'm going to make another thread about my experience with the essay, but I'll include a little info about it here. #1) People Cheated - After our 60 minutes was over, and we were supposed to push back our chairs and wait to print our essays out - people continued to write. I sat there and watched a couple people continue typing for several minutes after the timer was up. #2) Whoever ran the computer lab next to mine allowed the people in there to look at the essay questions LONG BEFORE the essay started. Whereas, in my computer lab - we couldn't touch the computer or look at the essay questions until the timer started. Not fair to us at all. Some people in the other lab had between 30-35 minutes before the timer started to look over the questions. How do i know this? Because I talked with a buddy of mine (who was in the lab that let people read the essay questions) immediately after the essay as well as 2 other people who were in his lab. - I don't feel like talking to the nursing faculty will do us any good. You can't be the person complaining unless you want to be the person that nobody(including the instructors) likes. It also doesn't reflect well about yourself professionally if you complain about things like this. Although it's clearly not fair for the people who were in other computer labs. The nursing cohort is roughly 75 people and there must have been about 25 people in each computer lab. With 115-ish people invited to the essay, it's potentially taking out 1/3 of available nursing program positions. With all us essay invitees having roughly the same the amount of points going into the essay, it really makes the difference being able to think things out for a long time before the essay starts. -I'm not going to complain to the school. But I will vent my frustrations online. -Should I not feel as upset about our disadvantage and the cheating as I am?
  7. Humulus


    Thanks for the support. I just finished. I just blanked it for the first 15 minutes before I even really started. So my essays were super rushed. My last one I only had 6 minutes from start to finish. I feel like I did so poorly, it's just killing me right now. Coupled with people cheating by continuing to write after the time was up (for several minutes). I also found out that people in another computer lab were able to read the questions long before the time started (my buddy got about 20 minutes before, others got 30-35) and were even allowed to write some stuff down before anything started. In MY computer lab - we couldn't even touch the computers or look at the questions until the time started. It's so frustrating to know that after all the hard work I put in - being at the top of all my prerequisite classes (although for A&P my buddy and I were back and forth for highest scores) - after everything...... the people in my computer lab; myself included, were put at a very VERY unfair disadvantage.
  8. Humulus


    Made it past round one. Now I have to go to school tomorrow to take a proctored essay - which is what will determine whether or not I get into the program. I would feel better about this if i had time to prepare. Because our school is upgrading it's computer systems, the invitation to the essay was delayed. We only had two days to prepare for the essay and due to my other finals, I only had one (today). All I have to do is perform in the top 75-ish people of the 115-ish that will be there. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but these people are the cream of the crop - the highest scoring of the straight A students. Stressful can't even begin to describe it.
  9. Other than dealing with ion pumps/action potentials/and the like - all I can remember needing any chemistry for is stuff like acid-base balancing. Youll do fine.
  10. Marriage is about partnership (mostly). So keep talking with him and try to work things out. He's probably worried about loss of financial security (you already have a job) and also worried about caring for the kids. Since your kids are so young they must be more than a hand-full. My guess he's mainly worried that things will be more difficult around the house (they will be) with less money and the time you'll be putting into school. Let him know why your making the decision to do this and also that you love him. Tell him that you need him to support you in the pursuit of your dream. If he doesn't agree, oh well. Go for it! He'll still love you. You don't have to take my advice, it's just what I would do in your situation. The negatives are short term financial strain and a more stressful childcare situation. The positives are (most likely) better financial security in the future and you'll be pursuing what you believe in. Good luck. Oh, and marriage implies slavery.
  11. Humulus

    Application points for LCC and OCNE schools.

    Oh man!!! My heart pounds at the thought of essay! Congratulations yourself!!! I know of three other people who got invited - two of them had 65 points for the application and the third didn't say. Are you a local Eugenian by chance?
  12. Humulus

    Application points for LCC and OCNE schools.

    I was invited to proctored essay earlier today! I had 65/68 points possible. Anybody else?
  13. Humulus

    Application points for LCC and OCNE schools.

    I was invited to proctored essay earlier today! I had 65/68 points possible. Anybody else?