SPC students applying for fall 2017?? - page 54

I know this is pretty early but i just finished my pre reqs for nursing and im on the border but I seriously CAN NOT wait to apply in march! Ill be finishing my AA if i dont get in.. so i will apply... Read More

  1. by   Soon2b1Nurse
    She did say go whenever you are scheduled days is at 1 and nights meet later.. the schedule will come up on a tv screen in the lobby and possibly be different so we are supposed to check it each day
  2. by   Peachez1
    One week in -
    How we all doing??
    So far, for me, its overwhelming the amount of data thrown at us in 4 days but I'm hanging in there.
  3. by   gabbyb
    I agree, it's very overwhelming! There's so much information and before we can learn anything we're already moving on to something else. I feel like we didn't get much practice for vital signs at all, maybe like 5 minutes in my class. I also have no clue what to expect for the tests.
  4. by   AlmostRN17
    Unfortunately that feeling does not change throughout nursing school. You just get use to it. Dont stress too much. Just take it one day, one class, one section at a time.
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  5. by   gabbyb
    Does anyone have any advice/tips for studying for the tests?