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I work part time at a psych facility as a PCT/MED tech. I have Anatomy, Chemistry, and Child Development this semester. I'm only a few weeks in and I'm sooooo tired. I have two children. One is older one is a toddler. My... Read More

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    I hope dropping that second day helps you! I'm glad to hear that you have a understanding supervisor who seems very willing to work with you.

    There is a girl in my class who works as a CNA in a hospital and while her supervisor will schedule her around school, she won't let her drop below full time.
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    I had to get a new job to drop to PD. My manager would not work with my school schedule at all! She said that in her medical office (and it's part of a large hospital!) she doesn't hire RN's so I basically wouldn't be any use to her when I have a RN license. I had to go PD. I went back to PD with an old employer and it is working out so much better!