Should I take AP2 and Micro together? - page 2

I am debating on whether or not to take AP2 and Micro together this Fall. I want to apply for the Fall 2013 Nursing program at my local CC and two other local colleges. They all mostly look at the TEAS score then go down the list... Read More

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    Thanks everyone! Congrats to those who took both and did so well! Thats awesome and very encouraging! Sorry I didnt get to respond earlier. I took my CNA exam this weekend and passed! One less thing on my plate now
    It does sound like Mommy will be MIA if I take both at the same time. I'd really rather give them one on one attention but I think what I will do is take my TEAS exam next month and if I do really well then I will take them in different semesters. Mostly bc the main school I am applying to focuses on the TEAS scores before they even consider your general ed course points.

    It is so nerve wrecking getting everything together to apply to nursing school and then the god awful wait once you apply!

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