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So my parents and I have been having some heated arguments over this. I live 45 minutes away from the nursing school. They do not want me to move out (it would be too long and too tedious to explain) but I'm arguing that I need... Read More

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    I also agree with staying home. Just to point out a few small things. 1. You don't have to take time out to go grocery shopping. 2. You don't have to keep the entire house clean and stop to pay important bills. 3. Your parents cook dinner each night in a typical household. Just those things saves you hours each week to study. Minor chores like laundry or keeping your room and a few areas clean is a good trade off. 4. Typically you have extra amenities such as satellite or cable available when you do find free time. 5. Not dealing with a roommates schedule is a plus. They might have friend(s) over at odd hours. Be messy. Get into bad situations. Need help with their schoolwork. No matter how well u know them in high school. They always change somehow. Plus you save money on stocking an apartment with required items like furniture, small appliances etc. I totally agree with waiting a while and seeing how it goes. Moving out when you get a job is a grand idea. Even better to wait a month or two to save up money from your new income. Really no need to rush head first into life. It comes fast enough ready or not.
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    I guess I was just scared it would make things more difficult for me and I honesty wanted the campus living experience, but it seems that money is the biggest issue:/ Or at least that's what everyone's been saying. I think I will commute for the first year and just try to hang out with friends that go there to get my "college experience"
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    Wow I hadn't factored in all of that! Thank you, I guess the thought of just getting out of my house was blinding me to all of these things. The only downside if how loud my house is:/
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    Another vote for the stay-at-home club. If you are considering moving out next year, definitely work up a very, VERY detailed budget before making any lasting decisions. Things get expensive, even with 2-3 roommates, and if you think noise is distracting, try money troubles. Easily much more worrisome.

    However, I'm totally picking up what you're putting down: living at home can be tough, depending on the dynamic at home. Is there any possibility of working it out with your family that certain hours are "quiet" and getting a distraction-free study space set up for you? I know my family isn't the best at enforcing that, so I ended up spending a lot of quality time at my school's library. It sounds like your family really wants to take care of you, so maybe they will be more obliging.

    If all fails, perhaps in a year becoming an RA at one of your school's dorms would be an option? It's a lot of responsibility and some time commitment, but free room and board is always nice.
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    Here is my advice to you: Live at home. Avoid any extra expenses.

    I am in the same situation. My parents welcomed me back home and though hesitant about moving back in because I knew that nursing school was going to have odd hours and their house is a hour away from my school, I still took it, because I know I would be relieved from having to pay rent and utilities.

    From what you have described, your parents seem very understanding of your situation(I think they are willing to deal with the odd hours) and that is why they want you to stay home so you can save money and concentrate on school. Not to mention, save you the drama of having roommates.

    Besides, if your family does get too distracting (mine does at times), then I either step outside, go to the local library, or stay at school. Easy fix!

    Nursing school is tough as is, it's nice to have some relief and a good support system (there is nothing like family, even the closest of friends).

    Good luck!
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    As for your situation about driving at night, do you have public transportation available? If you do, maybe try and take that a few times a week, saves the hassle of having to deal with traffic.

    And the college 'experience', really, is just that, an experience. Or rather a huge 'expense'. I think with all the amount of time you are going to spend on campus, that will be your experience right there. But that's just my opinion.
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    Yeah, who says you have to live on campus to experience college?! Okay I feel so much better now about commuting haha
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    Was the transition back home really difficult with the odd hours?! And yeah, I know my parents wouldn't mind helping out in any way they can. If anything I'll just step out in the patio and study there when my siblings get too loud! Thanks!
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    Yeah I have like a million younger siblings and even my parents themselves don't know what it means to be quiet. But the expenses outweigh the noise at my house haha I'll just have to work something out with them! I'll probably step outside or go to my local library as well!
    I'll look more into the RA thing! Thanks!!!
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    Earplugs work wonders! Got 3 very loud boys at home plus 2 dogs that bark at EVERYTHING and EVERYONE!

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