Setting Myself Up For Success

  1. Hey everyone,

    So I've been going crazy as I'm sure most people do, students with many things in life.
    Right now I'm suck, and need guidance from those with experience. So I really want to go back to school but the issue is finding a stable job and wanting to get my CNA. The community college I go to is having a grant funded 3 month patient care tech program coming up soon. Question is, how do you manage time to make this a possibility How did everyone here do it?
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  3. by   mmw99
    You make it happen...You find time to study, and you just DO. There really is nothing else to it! Get yourself a good planner and write all your deadlines down. Any moment you have to spare, dedicate it to your studies, even if that means taking books to the bathroom with you while you do your business. With the willpower anyone can accomplish ANYTHING! Good luck!
  4. by   CDEWannaBe
    What else are you balancing in your life? Full time job? Kids?
  5. by   MommaTy
    Local red crosses offer the CNA program as well. I found the CNA class so easy, I never needed to study. But that was me. I know nursing school will be hard, and I will study my behind off. Good luck, you can do it
  6. by   theodorerhoades
    I'm terrible at accomplishing things right now in my life. I feel no motivation or drive and it really bothers I guess there's another problem with me I need to seek to get help with. CDE that's just it...really nothing but overwhelming myself with trying to get everything right. My problem is trying to get a decent job that will allow the time to work around getting my CNA. I'm 22 and need to get a job working in the profession I'm going after.
  7. by   MrsStudentNurse
    I've totally been on your position. Honestly there's no short or easy answer and the longer you wait the more you want to kick yourself. I understand having to support yourself, go to school and try to manage it all. However the sooner you get it done the sooner you're making money and doing what you want.

    Does your school offer only day option or is there an evening choice? Maybe there are caregiver jobs at a nursing home or somewhere that would allow you to work weekends and/or evenings while you're obtaining your certificate. That's what I did and they LOVE pre-nursing students and will be pretty flexible. It's a foot in the door and decent pay.

    Good luck!! You'll be so happy once you're finished and have that paper in hand!