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I'm 30 and taking a prereq at the local community college. Yesterday was the second day of class and I had worked ahead in the computer module because we have company this weekend. My teacher, in front of the whole class,... Read More

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    What a complex she must have! She obviously needs to make other people small so she can feel big!

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    Look how much energy you have already spent on this awful day. I think it's time to walk away from the hurt that she caused you because it's still causing you pain. The more energy you give it the more pain you will have. YOU know that you are a good student. You know that you didn't do anything wrong. You need to believe in yourself. Be positive, remember why you are at nursing school in the first place and keep your eye on the prize, which is your degree. This will be a small blip in your career path. Don't give it more attention that it deserves.
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