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I had previously posted this, but no responses? Maybe I placed it in the wrong category. If you applied for 2009, let me know. I am patiently awaiting April to come. I just wanted to start a thread for all those who... Read More

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    Hello...does anyone know anybody that applied to the RN-MSN program at SFSU?? I've been a nurse for 2 years now and wanted to give grad school a shot. Is this program impacted like the rest of the nursing programs? I know some people have received notices for the BSN program, but I guess none yet for the Master's programs. I'm dying to know like the rest of you guys.

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    Hi Victory, I have tried to call the school and left messages, but have not received a response. I have also not received a letter yet either and their answering machine says that we should receive a letter by the end of the month. Let me know if you receive any letters! Thanks!
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    I've been checking daily-and to no avail. I thought the message said that they were going to be sending out the letters at the end of April, most likely not receiving til the beginning of May. Did I misunderstand the nursing voicemail? I hope so, because as previously stated, we need to accept our financial aid by May 1st. But I also have another question, let's say we do get accepted. The program does not start til September, so why do we have to accept our financial aid at such an early date?

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    Victory 925, You can accept your financial aid before you receive your admissions decision. If you do not get accepted, then just send an email to the financial aid office letting them know. They will just void your acceptance, and it will not affect your financial aid eligibility at any other school.
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    For all of you waiting on SF State Generic Masters....

    I called the nursing dept. today and was told letters are not expected to go out until mid-late May!
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    That is so frustrating- so much of my life is contingent on this decision (as others of course). I am sure it is all the budget cuts ect, I hope it doesn't mean less students will be admitted? Did she give you more details? I will go by the office today- see if they will give me any info. For now all we can do is hang in there and think of other things.
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    I understand why they want to push the start date back, but I am confused as to why they cannot provide us with a clear-cut answer as to our acceptance. Are they taking additional time to consider all the applicants? There are many aspects of my life lying on this acceptance, or not, and to continually push it further and further back makes it more difficult for the students. And then the financial aid, the moving, the money. I hope we will truly see the letter mid-May.
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    No other news I totally agree with you about putting your life on hold pending these decisions. Let's try to stay positive Please keep us posted on what you hear.
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    So- I stopped by the office and said they haven't made any decisions yet and the date will be pushed back to the first week of May. So there is still at least hope!
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    has anyone gotten into other programs but are waiting to decide based on sfsu? i got accepted into samuel merritt elms-cm, which i'm stoked on... but i'm more stoked on how cheap state is. the waiting is horrible!

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