San Francisco State University - SFSU - Generic Masters Program 2009 !!!


I had previously posted this, but no responses? Maybe I placed it in the wrong category. If you applied for 2009, let me know.

I am patiently awaiting April to come.

I just wanted to start a thread for all those who applied to the 2009 GMSN program at SFSU. I did. Look at my stats, tell me yours, your story, etc.

Im really excited!

GPA- 3.6

Pre-Reqs GPA- 3.8

Actual Nursing Courses GPA (Previously in a RN program)- 3.8

Worked at a hospital during my first & second year in nursing school.

How was the competition for the previous years? Any stats?

I had to drop out of nursing school, but now it is one of my hugest regrets and I am trying to get back to get my Masters!!! I am a single mommy with a two-year old son, hoping that this will provide US with the life we both deserve.

Hope to hear from you all really soon!



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Hello! I applied to the GMSN 2009 at SFSU!

I majored in Econ/Math and am now pursing nursing for my masters.

My overall gpa: 3.7

Pre-req: 3.8

And I have volunteered at a hospital for the last 2 years, and have worked at a clinic as well as a doctor's office.

However, I have already been rejected from Fullerton (not even an interview) and am now waiting to hear from SFSU and Samuel Merritt.

I'm already letting my hopes down since I wasn't competitive enough to even receive an interview for Fullerton's ELMSN. One of the program director's gave me advice to take another year to increase my GPA, shadow nurses, and to write a better statement for next year's process.

I would also like to know what the competitive scores are for SFSU if anyone has an idea...


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I also applied for the SFSU Generic Masters for 2009. I stopped by the office yesterday and was told that due to budget cuts, the programs start date was pushed back from June to September. And they won't be sending out letters until end of April/May.


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Dang it!!!!!! Well thanks for letting us all know. I guess starting in September isn't all that bad! At least we only have to wait an additional two weeks to get an answer!



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Does anyone know how many they are accepting after the budget cut? Or around how many applicants they have per program usually?? I know Fullerton had to cut their acceptances into half after the budget cut...


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I called yesterday and they told me that the class is still going to have 40 students in it. Thank goodness! But it is definitely pushed back until September.

Have they posted anything on their website? I couldn't find anything if they did.


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Does anyone know how many spaces are in each track of the program? I applied to the GMSN program, even though I was frustrated with the lack of resources of information about the program. Out of all the nursing schools, I felt like SFSU has the least straightforward website and the least amount of helpful, useful information. That being said, I was not accepted to my first choice school and now I'm anxiously awaiting these decisions.


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I also applied for the GMSN at SFSU. I agree that there wasn't a lot of info about the program on the website. I even called there a couple times to get more information, but they seemed very vague on what they are looking for in their applicant pool and didn't give much advice to strenghthen my application. I also applied to Samuel Merritts ABSN program and they were much more helpful over there, especially when it came down to information about their programs.

I am 23 and graduated from SF State and going back to try my luck at Nursing. I have worked as a CNA in both assisted living and skilled nursing facilities. I also worked as a med tech in those facilities. My GPA as an undergrad was 3.5 and my science pre-reqs was 3.8. I heard that SFSU's program is VERY competitive in GPA, but if you dont have a 4.0, dont worry because they really consider volunteer or paid work in health care.

I am trying really hard not to wait so anxiously! But I'm excited for everyone and I hope the best of luck to each of you! Hopefully we don't have to wait much longer to hear back from SFSU, it should be within the next month! Again, good luck to everyone!!


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Did anyone get a response for their FAFSA yet? The FAFSA says I need to accept by May1, but our acceptance/rejection letters won't arrive before then will it?


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I am not real sure about that. Have you tried to call the school to ask? If not, I will call today and ask that question.

AND NOOOOO, I have not received a ACCEPTANCE -=)- letter yet.


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Hello...does anyone know anybody that applied to the RN-MSN program at SFSU?? I've been a nurse for 2 years now and wanted to give grad school a shot. Is this program impacted like the rest of the nursing programs? I know some people have received notices for the BSN program, but I guess none yet for the Master's programs. I'm dying to know like the rest of you guys.


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Hi Victory, I have tried to call the school and left messages, but have not received a response. I have also not received a letter yet either and their answering machine says that we should receive a letter by the end of the month. Let me know if you receive any letters! Thanks!

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