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I live in CA and the schools around my area require at least a 2.5 and some require a 2.6 for the community colleges. I think I will barely have a 2.4 when my pre reqs are done. Does this mean I can... Read More

  1. by   violetgirl
    I would try to repeat the "C" grade if you can and then do your very best for an "A" grade in your other classes...

    Study groups, flash cards, notes, tape record your classes, highlight your text book, talk to your instructor at least 2x a week, go online and do research, take mini tests online, do outlines, draw and outline on a huge white board (got mine at a yard sale) cd in car while going to work, tell friends and family you will not have a life till after the class is over (HA!) just live it and breath it! I totally know how you feel and I am having to retake a science class after getting a "W" grade, but this time, I have to kick butt with an "A" grade!!!!!

    Best of luck 2 U!!!

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  2. by   violetgirl
    PS: Make yourself a study time plan ahead of time and do your best to stick with it...

    Example: I have... X amount time in the morning... X amount of time in the evenings...

    X amount of time during the weekins for my studying... Next thing you know the class is over!
  3. by   mmcnabb3
    giving love,

    I am in my pre reqs too, I can say from experience, recording the lectures and then listening to them in your car, while you run, walk the dog etc will help make things stick. It will also help you hear things you missed during the lecture. Note cards should be your best friend and get a study group, but pick your groups carefully! if you pick friends, usually that doesn't get you too far, but try to pick some smart kids in the class, it helps to talk things over, or get someones view or ways to memorize things. I have a 4.0 in all my classes and thankfully im just taking my chemistry final tomorrow, but I have never been a science person so the fact that i can get A's is huge!

    Its not really how much you study, but how well you study. Find your rhythm and youll do much better. Note cards made my grade. try them out...it doesnt work for all but it definitely worked for me!
  4. by   crebs
    Quote from GivingLove
    Thanks for that BlueEyedGuy. I do totally agree with you on that because as a student now, and a patient, I meet all kinds of people who I dont think would be great nurses or who are already bad nurses. Doesnt necessarily mean they werent the smartest in school but I hear a lot of people going to school for the money and this and that and all the wrong reasons so I do know what youre talking about there. I dont know why I cant get a 4.0 but I feel like no matter how hard I study, I cannot get that A that I do try so hard for. So any suggestions since you are a student yourself? I know nursing is my calling. I have such a huge passion for nursing and I cannot wait until I am a RN one day.
    So yeah, I think you overreacted a bit to his initial comment. It's important to be able to recognize when people are attacking you versus when they are giving you sound advice. I doubt anybody's looking for a fight online unless they really have no life. He's completely right. You have to be dedicated to get what you want.

    Having said that, there are programs that will take just the minimum GPA. Those, however, are the lottery based programs. People sometimes wait 5-7 years for those programs. IF you decide to go that route, don't be stupid and pass up opportunities to obtain a Bachelor's degree in something else, or apply to Universities while you're waiting. I see that so much and it makes NO sense. And you've only completed 2 of your prerequisites. Who knows what your final GPA will be. Good luck in completing the rest and study hard!
  5. by   mdain06
    you could retake a class or take a class with a higher credit and get a good grade to bring up your GPA
  6. by   azcna
    I would also recommend, as many others already have, getting A's in your remaining pre-reqs. Re-taking A&P isn't a bad idea either, because you really have to know that stuff! It will come in handy all throughout school and your nursing career if you can understand as much about A&P as possible.

    I would not however, take the advice of the poster who recommended quitting your job and taking out loans. Working as much as is reasonable will pay off in the long run. Who wants a bunch of loans to pay off when they're done with school?
  7. by   GivingLove
    Thank you everyone for all the feedback. I just finished Physio and English. So the think that sucks is I only have 2 classes left to take for the RN program. I hate the fact that my school doesnt look at your overall gpa anymore. And crebs, I do plan on taking my transfer class reqs while waiting to get into the program. So if I dont make the gpa cutoff for my community college, can I always wait and do my transfer classes and apply at the university as long as I can meet their gpa requirment? Ive always planned to get my bachelors. Nursing isnt where I want to stop my career at.
  8. by   greentealover
    Hi GivingLove, you can apply at a university for a Bachelor's program but keep in mind that although they have GPA requirements, they typically admit those with competitive grades. Some also require volunteer work, or extra classes, which is something you can do while waiting. I wish you the best of luck!!! =)
  9. by   Illmatic
    Retake classes or take additional classes to raise your cumulative GPA. I would imagine the nursing program you want to apply for would at have a set requirement GPA of 3.0+. Nevertheless, don't give up if this is what you really want to do as a career!
  10. by   GivingLove
    Thanks Illmatic. The nursing program here doesnt look at your overall gpa anymore. They only look at the 5 class requirements which is the anat,physio, micro, math and english.
  11. by   amandacam
    Check with your academic advisers. I used to go to a community college in California and I believe that students were allowed to retake classes for a better grade.
  12. by   rubato
    Quote from GivingLove
    Thanks Illmatic. The nursing program here doesnt look at your overall gpa anymore. They only look at the 5 class requirements which is the anat,physio, micro, math and english.
    Then, you will have to retake them. Make an appointment with your adviser and talk to him/her. Find out what to do. We don't go to your school, so we don't know what the policies are. Find out if you can retake and then, do it, get straight A's and apply to the program. Easy, right?