Received the syllabus!....... Holy Cow!

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    I received the course syllabus for A&PI and the first lecture! Lord have mercy. I pray I can keep up. I started to get a little intimidated but I know I can do it. Did anyone start classes yet?

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    Not until the 27th, but be happy that you got your syllabus. My anatomy professor doesn't give them out until the first day of class. So I'm just reading the first few chapters in hopes that he actually starts from the beginning of the book.
    Good luck in your class!
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    I did A & P I in a five week summer session and it was brutal. I found A & P II easier, but maybe because it was a regular session. Before lecture, read chapter summaries and do the self tests if you can't read the whole chapters. It's alot of material and alot of memorization, but once it starts sinking in you begin to understand how the body systems work together and that is the whole idea. Good luck!
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    I did A&P I last spring. Don't psych yourself out! I promise that it's not as intimidating once you're in it and doing it. We live in the age of infinite information, if you don't understand something look it up on the internet. A lot of A&P videos are available on youtube that really helped me out.
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    I start on the 27th....the syllabus looks brutal for the class....I'd LOVE to get ahead and start on the chapters but our book is an exclusive to the campus and it has been backordered for weeks :-/ I am completely frustrated
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    I start on the 19th. Printed my syllabus today -_- . I'm trying to keep calm. Lol. We have a quiz August 30th I'm about to get started and study on that as much as I can. May Jesus be with us all.
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    It looks like a lot, but when you break it down into smaller chunks, it's a whole lot easier to learn because it's suddenly not quite as daunting. Just go system by system and you'll get it. There's a reason why A&P is traditionally 2 semesters long....

    Seriously, it's just a lot of memorization and just look for connections with other systems. The old song "...the kneebone is connected to the thigh bone..." is very true. The body is highly interconnected. Really look for those interconnections. As you start seeing how they interrelate, you'll begin getting a good idea how the body actually works and does things. This is important later on.
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    I start A&P 2 in one week! I'm so nervous.
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    Read your chapter summaries before class to become familiar with the material. Check over notes and powerpoints if they are provided (these can be gold) and a lot of students dont even look at them... You all will do great
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    Quote from michellecanbake
    I start A&P 2 in one week! I'm so nervous.
    I thought A&PII was much easier than the first one.

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