Reasons why you want to be a nurse

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    I thought it would be a good idea to make a thread about reasons why we want to be nurses. That way when we're struggling in our pre-reqs (especially those of us just starting out who have no idea what to expect) and wondering if we can handle everything we can read reminders of why we, ourselves, want to be nurses, and why others want to be nurses as well. I guess it will serve as a form of inspiration or motivation if needed.

    Personally, I want to be a nurse because I have always been interested in the medical field and I have always wanted to have a career in which I change lives. In nursing, I could possibly even save lives. I absolutely love to help people, I think it is the most fulfilling thing in the world, and nursing will allow me to do this on a daily basis. Also, it provides endless job opportunities as well as endless opportunities to volunteer in my community.

    Why do you want to be a nurse?
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    I have always wanted to be a nurse for as long as I remember. I remember being in a crib, and my aunt bring me a gift. It was my first doctors kit. One of those cheap plastic ones with the bumps all over the case. It has stethoscope that was hard plastic, and would always hit you in the face.

    As I got older I would Dr. everyone who would sit still long enough. Somehow I ended up with a OB/GYN medical text book (which is odd to be on a 4 years olds book shelf between cinderella, and the three pigs.) I looked at that book daily until I learned how to read it. It didn't gross me out at all. I loved all the tools, and medical equipment. When I was nine my dad started giving me allergy shots. I would steal the needles and give all of my stuffed animals shots of kool-aid. When other girls were playing dolls, and house; I was playing hospital, and emergency room.

    I remember telling my pediatricans nurse that one day I would be just like her when I was about 5 years old. He is now my kids ped, and has encouraged me, and helped me along my way.

    I used to play sick just to go to the doctors office because I loved the atmosphere, and the smell. I love the smell of hospitals, and I feel very at home in them.

    It is just what I have always wanted to do. I honestly think its what I was meant to do. Other than being a mom I can't think of anything else that would make me feel that I have fullfilled my purpose in life like being a nurse.
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    Ive always had an interest in the medical field but wandered away from it. After re-evaluating my life and knowing I would need to start working soon, I went back to the area that my mind would wander everytime I watched a medical show, or discovery health, or whatever. I also have a great desire to help people in third world countries who rely on humanitarian efforts and I hope one day to aspply my nursing knowledge to do this. I also get bored easily and need to have constant stimulation...There seems to always be soemthign to do as a nurse.

    I cant say being a nurse was what I always dreamed of, but I think it was because i didnt understand their roles. Now that I get it more, I think it suits me. I dont necessarily want to be the one ie, doing the surgery, I just want to help while its done, if that makes sense. However, I still lean towards more of a practitioner role. I want to eventually be a nurse practitioner or anesthetist.
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    Well, it sounds mercenary, but I'm doing it for job security and good pay. My dept. almost got eliminated last year, and I figured nursing would be a reliable field to get into. And I think it may be pretty exciting depending what area I'm in.
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    I spent the last 16 years working in a private ophthalmology practice. I loved it from the first day I started. Luckily I worked for a physician that was a eager to teach as I was to learn and I learned a lot. Everything from diagnostic testing, angiography, and surgical assisting. I eventually transitioned into a management position, but still worked in the clinic as much as I could. When my husband went to nursing school I thought it was something that I might like to do, but I had a job I loved and felt that I was really making a contribution to the care the physician provided our I set the thought aside. Anyway, our practice was pretty heavily impacted by Katrina and last November my doctor decided he was going to sell the practice and retire. This was my chance to go back to school. This is my chance to expand my medical knowledge and keep caring for patients. Taking care of patients and interacting with them and their families is the thing I've always loved most about my job ..... nursing will let me keep doing that in a somewhat "bigger" way.
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    Nurses ROCK!!! Also, to gain the experience required for acceptance to a CRNA program.
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    Gosh...where do i begin??

    As a child I was more of the "teacher" during playtime..but as i became friends and I had all these little ladies that were shut ins that we would go visit on a regular basis...we would chat, and basically check on them. I think i was 8 years old. I was always more of the one who was always worried about others well-being. I was extremely mother-like from a very young age...

    Anyway, as time progressed i found myself inthe field of nursing and then exploring social work...working between the two and LOVING case management, advocacy, defending the rights of disabled.

    I have always seen my work as a ministry to others and see my patients as "divine appointments". I remember that i will grow older and i take my role/responsibility of patient care/advocacy with extreme care and urgency!!!! I love this work and I love to talk with others who do too!!!!!!!!!!! Yaaaaay!!!
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    When I was in high school, it was always one of two things. Teacher or Nurse. Had I gone to college right out of high school, I would have gone for teaching. Since I didn't go back until 10 years after I graduated, I decided to go for Nursing. I am a people person and I enjoy helping others and I just feel that I have something to offer as a Nurse and that this is truly my calling.
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    My mother is a nurse, my grandma was a nurse, and numerous aunts are nurses. it runs in my blood. it was the first thing i can remember wanting to be when i grew up. other kids wanted to be doctors, i wanted to be a nurse. i remember vividly going to work with my mother (at a skilled nursing facility) and how exciting it was. in high school, i was a candy striper, and i loved it. I strayed away from my dreams for years, and floundered in school with out any real purpose.

    earlier this year I spent a lot of time in the hospital. first while my grandpa was in a coma and eventually passed away and a month later when my daughter was born. I really respected the nurses that cared for my grandpa, my daughter (who was in the NICU) and me. and the fire to pursue this was once again fueled.

    Since then I have gotten restless waiting to back to school. I even started exploring other options (other careers) that perhaps I could do online just so I could be back in school. I knew this wasn't right but I was just that anxious. NOw, this may sound corny, but I prayed for a little guidence as to what I should do, what I'm meant to do. That night I had a dream, and my grandfather was in it. I don't remember what he said to me but I do remember that after we chatted I picked up a stethoscope and put it around my neck. I shared this with my mother and she was shocked because what I didn't know was how much my grandfather admired nurses and he's the one who pushed her into doing it. Could it be a sign?

    So, why do I want to be a nurse? I can never give a reason aside from that's what I feel I'm meant to do....
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    Quote from avatar78
    Well, it sounds mercenary, but I'm doing it for job security and good pay. My dept. almost got eliminated last year, and I figured nursing would be a reliable field to get into. And I think it may be pretty exciting depending what area I'm in.
    Don't feel bad: those are the primary reasons I'm going into nursing too. I'm married to someone in the military, and I wanted a career that paid decently (the civilian job markets in most military towns suck), is fairly stable, and portable since we've got another 8 years of his career to get through.

    Though I have to admit, I've always been fascinated with nursing, and once my mother-in-law (a RN) found out I was looking into nursing she told me so much about what she does and the career opportunities that I could pursue. She baited me into finally doing it
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