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Hey all, I'm currently a senior in Highschool, graduating in a little over half a year. I have a pretty bad GPA (2.2) from slacking all through school, don't study and such, but if I had to study for something, I think I'm of... Read More

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    College gives you a fresh start.

    Have you applied to any universities? Are you planning on going for your Bachelor's right away? You're still in high school, so that means you have a bit of time to raise that GPA a bit. The high school GPA won't affect you in college, but it will determine what schools you get into. You could also do some of your pre-requisite classes at a community college, and then transfer over. Just make sure the university agrees to grant you credit for the classes you take.

    I don't start nursing school until January, but I did complete all the pre-requisites to enter my BSN program. Nursing school is the last two years of a bachelor's program. You seem pretty smart, and I think you could do it.

    How good are you at chemistry and biology?

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