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Paramedic to RN Bridge Programs in MA or MI

  1. 0 I am currently a paramedic in Massachusetts but may be relocating to Michigan in the future. Either way, I'm thinking that transitioning over to the RN side of the medical field is probably the best way to go for me and I prefer to not mess with any of those online bridge programs. I was wondering if anybody knew of colleges in either state that offer Paramedic to RN bridge programs?
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    never heard of such a thing, since they aren't really comparable disciplines or on any kind of ladder. but if you have college credits for a&p, math, or other applicable, you may be able to comp them, and if you have a bachelor's in anything, you can get an accelerated bsn or even msn with that. mass general institute for health professions is the place to start, and after that, go to northeastern-- their co-op program gives you lots of time to keep working, and you'll get credit for it.
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    What part of Michigan? Lansing Community College has an Advanced Standing to RN program for paramedics. They have one of the best nursing schools in the area and have the most clinical hours out of the programs I researched. They're a points-based admissions program, no waiting list, no exams. This is the program I'm hoping to get into (regular 2 year track) 06-30-11.pdf

    I believe the only caveat would be that your EMT/Paramedic licensure has to be current in Michigan. So, if you're moving, you'll need to get that transferred ASAP. They require 6 months residency in the district to get the in-district rate. At $79 per billing hour, you can't beat it!