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Hi just wondering who all will be taking this class in the spring. I created this forum so we can discuss how the class is going and to motivate each other.... Read More

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    I took my first lecture test yesterday. Made a C also but made an A on my second lab test. I will studying hard to pass this class with an A.
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    I am taking A&P II this semester. So far I have an A.
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    Im taking A&P II. Have not recieved any grade yet but just took my lab practical on the heart. Think I got an A on it.
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    Busy class that is for sure. Mine is the 2nd term of 3. We have done one test on the brain and will be doing a second on cranial nerves and the autonomic nervous system this week. The first 4 lab practicals are done along with 3 online quizzes and our first case study assignment. Good times :-)
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    I am scheduled to take my first unit exam this week. My Professor basically made it possible for us to do well...and for that reson I can't score below a 90%. Studying faithfully is all I do. As for Micro...ummm.
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    Our first exam is Wednesday! I am nervous. I was spending all my time doing chemistry homework, but decided not to take the chem & apply to a differet BSN program. Tomorrow and Tuesday will be all day studying to make an A for A & P 2!
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    How is everyone doing in this class so far? I have midterms next week and then Spring break. I have my second exam next week for lecture. (Midterm is for lab). I am hoping for an A. I have one in the lab component and a B in lecture. I will be working extra hard to make an A.
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    I am taking AP2 this semester. All I can say is "oooo weee"! My teacher is nice but she has a VERY heavy accent. We took our first test last week and got the results last night. The highest score in the class was 86. She curved it to an A and gave us all 4 points. The lowest grade was a 38. Thankfully, I was not at the bottom but I definitely wasn't happy with my grade. It was far from the A that I need to achieve in this course.. I'm hoping that this test wasn't indicative of what is to come for the rest of the semester. I sent a text to my AP1 professor and requested that he be my tutor this semester. He didn't say "no" so I think that he will help as much as he can. Unfortunately, I'm taking Micro this semester in addition to working full time. This leaves limited opportunities to meet with him since he teaches at another school. Where there is a will, there is a way!

    Keep me in your prayers!
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    I'm taking Chemistry this semester in addition to A&P 2 and they are both crazy!
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    What was everyones first unit in APII? I am curious because I am noticinge that our course layout over API and APII seems to be different than other schools...

    We started what our school calls ADV A & P this semester with Neural tissue physiology, then reflexes and CNS, then finished with 2 chapters of neural integration (pathways/PSNS/SNS/etc...)
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