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    Hi all, I'm Megan and currently a stay at home mom to three sometimes wonderful children. My goal is to have a great job so that when it is time for my husband to retire he can. The nursing field runs in my family as both my grandmothers were nurses and also taught it as well. My step mother is a nurse as well as her two nieces and I love pre-hospital EMS. I just submitted my paperwork yesterday for my TEAS test in May and hopefully will be in the LPN program come the fall. I have the official ATI practice guide, because I haven't had any schooling since my younger college years that I bombed! My question is does anyone know of any websites for math help? I'm not really worried about the others but math is a big concern for me. Thanks for any pointers and help.

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  3. 0 This site is AMAZING! It helps with other areas other than math too.
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    You can also check out ALEKS -- Assessment and Learning, K-12, Higher Education, Automated Tutor, Math - self taught pace math. We used the program for my college math (pre-algebra). Good luck.
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    I loved!
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    I agree. Khan Academy will be great for your kids, too. It has everything from elementary grade level math to college coursework, videos of the concepts, and interactive practice questions until you master the skill. I highly recommend it!
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    Thanks everyone. Will look into these over the weekend in between studying for my module exam in EMT refresher on Monday!
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    The ati book really gives you all you need to know for your TEAS. It is super simple easy math. I like he makes things REALLY easy to learn and in a fun way!...dont care for khan. Its dry and boring. Ive used it for some chem stuff. Good luck
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    I used the website Quizlet.
    Other people that have taken it have made flash cards you can access. The test itself
    was very basic math. For me, studying flash cards on Quizlet was more than enough. Previous posters have good advice as well! Try googling and see what you come up with. I didn't buy a study guide, and I did very well just searching and using various websites.
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    Thanks for all the tips and advice.
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    Did you look into the community colleges around you? I know mine around me have study classes to help you study for the math portions of the tests. My college did NLN pre-nursing exam. They had their own book, all I did was study that and passed the test 12 points above where they wanted it to be

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