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    I am 50 years old and I am doing my prerequisites. I will be 51 if I get into the nursing program and 52 when I become a LPN. I took care of my mother for 10 years until she passed away in August of 2010 and I decided to go for my LPN. Am I Crazy or should I go for it.
    Anyone else did this and was successful?
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    Me me me!!! Well, ahem..... succesful insofar as I have completed all the pre reqs and all of the co reqs and I start the ADN program in the Fall. I will be 50 when classes start up. Took me a couple years to get all the pre reqs done, and I didn't get in when I applied last year, so I started on co reqs, and now all I have left are the core NUR courses. This is a big relief because the core courses are so tough and it will cerrtainly be a big help not to have to do those pesky co reqs! So, obviously, my opinion is go for it, and as I have heard many people on here say, you will be that many years older anyway, either with or without your degree.
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    I think it is perfect! I love being back in class. Even if you work 10 years...that is still a long time.
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    Became a LPN at 40

    Will become a RN when I turn 45

    Nope not too late
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    Good day, faithfl:

    I just turned 50 this past May. This past Tuesday was my first college class since 1982 (I did get an ASB in a technical school in 1984).

    I'm in pre-nursing working on prerequisites for the nursing side which is extremely competitive based on a point system.

    You can do it; we can do it.

    Go for it!
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    I will be 40 when I start the program and heck no it is not too old! Good luck!
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    When I was in PN school, two classmates were 55!! they did great and were very good nurses!!!!! GO FOR IT!!
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    LPN at 21; RN at 45; BSN still in progress but rushing to get it done as a 50th birthday present. Welcome!
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    Do it!! How old will you be if you don't? My point is, it doesn't matter how old you are!!! I got my LPN at 25, I am just now starting ADN at 38, next month. With my ultimate goal of FNP, I am hoping to have this done before 50

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    When I graduate in December with my BSN I will be a couple days away from turning 40! It is EVER too late to follow your dreams
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