My GPA is completely shot. Do I have a chance of getting into any school?

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    Currently I have a extremely low GPA. It is at 2.3 and I am really of ashamed of myself. But I want to pull myself up out of the mud and become a nurse.

    I am going to a super expensive private university in NY, and this semester I will transfer to a community college in order to fulfill prerequisites.(Will they see me going from a 4 year to a 2 year to a nursing school harm me?) A large problem is I don't know if even if I take all the prerequisites will my GPA still be so rough that no school will accept me. I have taken multiple sciences course already but I don't know if that gonna help. The best I have is Bio 1000 and Chem 1000 with a B and b-.

    I have a strong preference to New York or Georgia Schools but does anyone know any colleges that would look at only my prerequisites?

    Have you or anyone else you know ever been in a worse position, and how long did it take you to pull yourself out of the hole?

    Does anyone have any general advice or words of wisdom?

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    Are there any private nursing schools in your area? They usually only require that you pass an entrance test.
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    You could try an LPN to RN school. The route this way may be more expensive though. The LPN to RN routes usually have slightly shorter waiting lists. You could also try a school in the middle of nowhere.
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    Also, another path is Paramedic to RN....
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    Don't want to be a downer here - but success in pre-requisites is a reflection of how you would perform in nursing courses as well. Even students with very high GPA in pre-requisites can end up struggling in Nursing courses. Maybe this area is just not your 'thing'. I would suggest that you seek out the services of a career counselor who can help you look at a field that may be better suited to your own strengths.
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    The reason my grade are low are due to non science courses. I researched nursing and talked to family member who is a nurse and I realized how much I wanted to be one.
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    Quote from MorningStars
    The reason my grade are low are due to non science courses. I researched nursing and talked to family member who is a nurse and I realized how much I wanted to be one.
    Don't let anyone discourage you, nursing school is doable just like any other area of study is if you apply yourself.
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    Thats Exactly, How I felt at now the end of the year is coming up I wasn't able to get into a GREAT nursing school but the school I was accepted to is accredited so that is a huge plus. Just stay positive and try your best and don't give up !
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    Thanks for your kind words. I will make sure I do my best!
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    When I was younger and had first started going to community college, I had no idea what I wanted to do! I didn’t take school very seriously and it reflected in my GPA. After realizing how much I was interested in the medical field and what it took to get into a good nursing school, I buckled down. I retook some courses and turned my C’s into A’s. I am now currently enrolled in nursing school and loving it. I start my second semester in a few weeks and couldn’t be more excited. I know it may sound tedious, time consuming and costly, but maybe retaking a couple of courses to beef up your GPA would help? If you’re determined and know for sure that this is truly what you want to do, then you can make it!
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