Midlife students, did your high school every lose your transcripts? - page 3

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Good day everyone: I recently applied to nursing school for their R.N. program (associate degree). The college I went to along with the business school for which I graduated (I have an associate degree in business) both... Read More

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    When I requested mine, they said, "oh, it's been so long that someone needs to go to the basement and look for them on microfiche."
    Yeah, that was a great moment...
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    Good day:

    I wanted to share some good news.

    This morning the high school and college (that had a copy of the scanned high school transcripts) where able to coordinate so that the college had permission to send me a copy as well as the nursing school to which I've applied.

    I would encourage any going through similar circumstances to persavere, be tenacious, ask questions (even if they appear silly), and to pray.

    Thank you everyone for your encouragement and input.