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    Hi Everyone,
    I am taking Microbiology in this spring semester. (Only this course). Please advice me about studying time, method or plan and easy way to practice or any other tips to score good.
    And how hard is to get A in Micro? Thanks.
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    That's the only class you are taking so you shouldn't be too worried, just do what the teacher says.
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    I'm taking micro along with 14 other credits. If this is your only class you should be set for an A!
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    Quote from middle
    Hi Everyone,
    I am taking Microbiology in this spring semester. (Only this course). Please advice me about studying time, method or plan and easy way to practice or any other tips to score good.
    And how hard is to get A in Micro? Thanks.
    I'm taking Microbiology w/lab right now and what I am doing is reading the chapters and taking online quizzes from the publisher's website that go with the chapters. It is also recommended to do the review material/questions at the end of each chapter. Most textbooks have these.

    If you have a lab that goes with your class, which I assume you do, be sure you attend and participate. It is easy to skip or simply use as study time, but labs have a purpose. You will likely have a final in your lab as well as lecture, so keep that in mind.
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    Study a little bit every day! Also, make flash cards or charts to learn bacteria.
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    So, I took Micro with my first semester of nursing and I passed it with an A. First off how does your teacher lecture? If she writes on the board and lectures then take notes. If she does power points or outlines then just follow those and write anything extra down. Read the chapter before class. Reading it really helps with learning schemes and it allows you to form questions on things you do not understand.Look over the questions at the back of the chapter once you have studied. If you cant answer 2/3rds of them then you probably haven't grasped the chapter well enough. If you have a lab BE SURE to learn the correct methods for streaking and introducing bacteria. If you can do the technique, then you wont mess up the results. Writing flashcards help me, I have a friend that reads through and makes up multiple choice questions for herself. My micro teacher advised 2-3 hours of studying for each class hour for the students not already in the nursing program. Lastly, if you are having problems understanding something ASK, utilize the teacher's office hours! They will likely explain it in the way they want you to understand it for the test.
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    Does anyone know of any good YouTube videos that micro professors put online??
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    I am taking micro with statistic, general bio and one other class I am so stress about this micro class I wish it was over already..I understand everything that is been doing in class so far but I am still scared of my first upcoming exam this Tuesday any tip on studying please.. Exam is on chapter 1-4..
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    Our first micro exam is in a couple weeks, and will cover the first 7 chapters. I'm taking Micro with a full load as well, which includes A&P I, College Algebra, English Comp II, Biomedical Ethics, and Psychology of Development. The way I've worked out my classes so far is to just pace myself and make sure I etch out a slot to study for each class.

    For Micro, I am studying the same way I'm studying for A&P. I'm using flashcards, recording my lectures (which for the first time ever, is working awesome for me. My professor speaks so fast, when I re-listen to the lecture where I can pause to catch up on writing my notes, I end up with an extra 3-4 pages of notes I would've otherwise missed). I'm also using YouTube videos, and just searching for whatever specific thing I need clarification on. And, of course, reading my textbook, as well as highlighting and notating any specific parts that I can add to my lecture notes that helps fill in the blanks.

    Also, make use of your professor's office hours! Anything that isn't clear, go visit them. Or see them after class, if there is time. Heck, I spent nearly a half hour with my micro professor the other day after class, just because I wanted to clarify something. She was so happy to see me so interested in the lecture, that our 5 minute clarification on one little thing turned into a 30 minute discussion on viruses, which was pretty cool. Your teachers are there for their students (or, at least, they should be!) so don't hesitate to go see them during office hours to go over anything you were unsure of and need some clarification on.
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    Thank you I will try to use some of your methods..

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