Medical Assistant? Before RN?

  1. Do I have to change my major if I want to be a medical assistant before an RN?
    My major is nursing, but there is a medical assisting program at my college I want to take. Would I have to change my major?
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  3. by   Cortney2013
    I received my MA in 2010 and had to start completely over to become an RN because the classes aren't as in depth with the MA as the RN. I am currently seeking admission to the RN program but this is after 2 years for an Associate in MA and 2 years of prereqs for RN. I don't think there is an actual program to bridge the 2.
  4. by   johnwayne187
    Your right I don't think there is a program from MA to RN, but you do have a job in the health care field that helps. I was a CNA before I became an RN and it helped out a lot in Nursing school. here is a link if your interested in becomeing a CNA it does make a difference to work in the health care field before going to nursing school.
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  5. by   zoe92
    I have had many MAs in my pre reqs. They don't have any bridge options & most wish they have just gone the RN route from the start. I would look into becoming a CNA or LPN.
  6. by   TheCommuter
    I completed an MA program in 2000 and was never able to land a medical assistant job. In addition, the MA training was not very helpful when I attended nursing school because, as one or two previous posters mentioned, nursing programs are far more in depth. Good luck to you.
  7. by   NeoNurse2Be
    Nursing school doesn't even compare to medical assisting. I am a CMA and I'm currently working on my RN. The only thing an MA position will help with is prior knowledge on medical terminology, some pharmacology, vital signs, venipunctures and injections. It would also benefit you to have some experience with patient care. I have heard many say that one should become a CNA first, but then there are some that are opposed to it. I think any type of patient care where you're actually hands on will benefit you in the long run. If you strictly want a taste of what an RN will do, I would say either shadow an RN or do the CNA. When I became a medical assistant, the MA's at the urgent care center where I did my externship told me to go straight for my RN and not to worry about medical assisting, but I actually love it. If I didn't want to be a neonatal nurse practitioner so bad, I would stick with medical assisting. I'm sure everyone has their own perspective, but if all else fails, research. I researched everything that way I won't be hit with any surprises. Good luck to you!