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I just submitted my nursing application and my school does the lottery system. I forgot how many times I've applied to this program... 3? 4? I don't know, but I know more than twice. I've read their statistics and mentioned... Read More

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    Quote from Derls

    Yep! even if you turned in the Sac City App (multi-criteria) you get into a lottery based system. ARC is just lottery based... I just wished that it's true that your name gets put in more times each time you apply.

    Oh the frustration! So I also applied for SCC's LVN program too. I just want my foot in the door as a nurse. I've been a CNA for 3 years and I have a pretty good idea on handling the real deal. I did a pm shift and there were times where I had to work with 16 patients (before I complained to the union about short staffing) and 12 at the least. Sometimes double shift. So I basically..."got my hands dirty" in the health industry =) Good luck to you!!!
    Well it's nice to meet someone in my area! Yes this was my first semester applying to both schools. I also got on the wait list at Solano in fairfield. It's about a three year wait so hopefully I will get lucky in the lotteries in the meantime but if not its nice to know I have a start date. It's just hard because I am ready to hit the ground running now! Plus I don't want to lose everything I learned in A+P and Micro. ARC is suppose to move to the multi criteria next semester as well. Hopefully it will help us! My friend got in after waiting two years at ARC. She is in he last year of school now. I know people get in, the wait is just so tough! You applied this semester right? I will keep my fingers crossed for both of us!!

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    At my school (they all seem to be different)

    They take 1, 1st – 5th time applicant and the rest ate 6th timers. Excluding 6 or 8 spots reserved for veterans every spring. At least that’s how they explained it to me. I am on my 3rd rejection with a 4.0 in the sciences.

    I see your applying to Sac, might look into Marysville. I was told they did away with the WL and are now merit based.

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