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    Dear Listmates: Does anyone know of an accredited A&PI that is offered on-line? Thanks in advance for your help.
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    The University of Phoenix offers one - it's 4 credits and I believe costs around $435/credit plus the cost of a textbook.
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    I would be wary of any Ap and P courses offline as usually for them to be accepted for transfer credit on of them must have a lab component.
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    Mayville State University. I don't know if it's accredited, but it says it's one of the only online A&P classes that include a lab. I took the A&P I last semester and I'm taking A&P II with them now. I was deciding between them and University of Phoenix, but they were cheaper. My adviser suggested I take it because my school only offers A&P I in the fall and A&P II in the spring and I was starting in the spring.
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    Sorry for the short notice; but I took an online A&P I and II and loved it, the labs are included (Virtual labs); I also took Microbiology with lab online. The school is Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College and it is accredited and ONLY 8 weeks long.
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    How did you do with the online AP and Micro?
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    At MGCCC, I got an "B" in A&P I and "As" in A&P II and Microbiology! I found the classes to be very informative and I learned a lot. I took classes with UoP and did not like the idea that your grades are based upon team assignments/ projects. If I get an "A", I want to know that I earned it and vice versa. I also found UoP to be very expensive, $1400 for one class if you are an independent student.
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    I know this thread is old, but maybe you'll respond
    I just signed up to take APII at mgccc for the 8 week course. Is the workload doable? Did you have to have your tests proctored too? What professor did you have? Sorry for all the questions!!
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    try your local or other state community college is the best way to ensure you are taking an accredited course that you can transfer. I am doing all my pres online at florida community college www.fccj.edu for A&P1 i was required to come in for testing and final exams, I doubt you will find one totally online, however, I am in the middle of A&PII and it is 100% online testing and all....
    to the last post..I did an 8 week online course last year..boy was that a mistake...get ready to hustle hustle...more times you will have 2 assignments per week..if you not working, it is doable..but i was working full time and taking 2 other courses...pulled out with a C but to keep those A's it will take commitment.
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    Quote from tothepointe
    I would be wary of any Ap and P courses offline as usually for them to be accepted for transfer credit on of them must have a lab component.
    Definitely check the requirements of the nursing program you are considering. Most have very specific requirements regarding the lab component.