Just got into the Nursing Progam!

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    hello who ever is reading

    I just got accepted into the Nursing Program at my school for this coming Spring semester! I am extremely excited and thankful, but also very nervous. My friends and I are splitting up so I am worried I won't make friends and I know I am going to need a good group to study with. I will have nursing 101 as my class and I just don't know what to expect. I am so worried that I am going to get there and people are going to think I don't belong. I guess I am just scared of being thinking I am not good enough. I am just so scared. Any advice!!?? What should I be ready for overall. Another thing. I am a very sensitive person, which I know is a good thing sometimes. However, I am scared it will hold me back, will I learn to be better at that type of thing? Thanks to anyone who replies! Oh and another thing!...The TEAS V exam?!?! So nervous!

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    That's amazing, congratulations! I'm still working on my prerequisites and expect to be excepted in Sept of '13. You're in there now, so go for it! Don't hold back and don't let anyone hold you back and give it all you've got! Good luck you got this :-)
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    Congrats Still doing my prereqs.....expect to apply for Fall 14'.
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    Congrats! Me too! I am also nervous. A friend who is a year ahead of me said these were 2 books she would recommend to excel. Fundamentals success and Med surg success. Both can be found on Amazon.com Good luck!
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    Awesome news!!! CONGRADS!!!
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    Thank you everyone!!!
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    Congrats to you too!!! And thanks I will definitely have to check out amazon!
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    Congratulations on your achievement!

    I understand that the idea of having to 'go it alone' (without your friends) is making you anxious, but keep in mind that nursing school - like all other academic endeavors - is an individual activity. Success will depend on your own independent efforts rather than those of your group. I would further caution you against reaching out too quickly for 'besties' in your nursing program. In my experience, the students that are most enthusiastic about becoming your friends may, in fact, be the neediest. And over the course of your nursing education you may come to regret close associations with students who drain the energy you need to cope with the challenges of nursing school.
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    Ya know what? You are actually right about the friend thing. Going through anatomy it was great to have a study group but sometimes it brought me down because you constantly are comparing your study habits to theirs and for me I always felt insecure I wasn't as good as them. Even though I got all A's on my own. Thanks for calling that to my attention. I know friends will be helpful in the program but it definitely is good to be able to be in my own world sometimes when it comes to studies. I have already had some needy people call on me for help and it does really affect my own time to study.
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    Congrats!! I know the feelings you're going through...change can be nerve wracking when you're going it alone. Just remember that this transition will be new for everyone else in your class as well. Other people will be looking for study partners and friends as well

    I agree with going slow with people, though. I've reached out people before really knowing them and then discovered we don't get along well at all (leeches!) and I've just fallen into friendships that are wonderful by coincidence. Things tend to work themselves out.
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