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I have an off question, but figured you guys would be the best ones to ask. I'm probably one of the last people to not have a stinkin Apple iPad. I'm toying with the idea of buying one but only if it will be useful. Have any... Read More

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    Rumors have it that they will be releasing an iPad mini sometime around September...that will probably be cheaper.

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    Quote from Jack245
    Rumors have it that they will be releasing an iPad mini sometime around September...that will probably be cheaper.
    so an iphone? lol
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    Quote from sali22

    so an iphone? lol
    A mini IPad, an iPhone you can't talk on, an oversize iPod...take your pick
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    I love my iPad2!! I am able to download kindle, A&P apps, micro apps, & nursing apps, instead of having to log around different books. In addition, games, news, and different department store apps are downloaded on my iPad. Moreover, I email, IM, & Facebook my friends and family on the iPad. it is worth the investment.
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    I would consider the iPad as a tool in the shed.

    It is great to use for reference, reading pdf's, medical apps, and social networking.
    I would not solely rely on the iPad for nursing school. If you can afford it...GREAT!!

    If not you would benefit more buying a PC laptop that gives youmore multitasking power for school.
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    I love my Ipad 3. I am entering my ADN program in August and I have every intention of using it where I can (assuming of course that my professors will allow it in class.) I did however buy the hardcover books versus eBooks because I personally prefer being able to physically have the books and notes directly in front of me instead of switching back and forth from one to the other. I plan to use my Ipad to take notes with, more likely to make an outline of what I want my notes to focus on and voice record the lectures so I can later go back and insert important information. I do plan to use my laptop to type up papers and such, but again, personal preference of a larger screen for papers.
    I also have been googling a lot of top apps to have like Evernote and Notability. A huge perk also is the apps I have downloaded can be additionally downloaded to my Ipod Touch (if I need something more compact), my android phone, and my HP laptop. So no matter what, I will have everything accessible to my needs. I just look at my Ipad as a more convenient, compact laptop to take to class.

    Of course, I may be slightly biased because my Ipad was a birthday gift from my boyfriend so I did not have to spend the money on it. Then there is the fact that the Ipad is just that awesome.
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    Quote from Brookelin kidding! Thanks everyone for the feedback. I'm still debating on whether it's going to be worth that kind of money. It doesn't help that I'm indecisive and frugal! :uhoh21:
    It is. If you don't get it now chances are you'll be getting it later. If you get it later, you'll be missing out on all that it could do for you and school. If you get it now, you'll enjoy it and fill it up with many apps and get familiar with it for when school starts.
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    Most ebook providers allow books to be on more than one device. Amazon books sync to your Amazon account and you can send your books to any device you like. From experience: I have the same textbook on my iPad, iPhone, Mac, and a couple of random lab computers. This also applies to Apple and Nook(they don't have textbooks for mobile devices) also. Renting textbooks makes the prices slightly more competitive.

    I never brought my books to school anyway, so now I at least have access to them away from home.

    Most note taking apps will allow you to automatically sync to Dropbox or your cloud storage of choice. The iPad can also be set to autosync to iCloud everyday. So if your iPad is lost, broken, stolen, or just decide to buy the newest one, you can restore from the back up and the new one will look exactly like the other one.

    And I'll go further. The note taking app that I currently use allows you to chose the format that it syncs to the cloud. I chose PDF. I can get on any computer or my phone and look at my notes if I don't have access to my iPad for some ungodly reason.

    And you can't beat my daily load of my iPad, a folder, and my planner.
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    I'm trying to decide between the new ipad and the ipad 2. Has anyone found the dictation software on the new ipad to be benificial for school?
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    LOVE my ipad for school. Never leave without it. I use evernote for all my notetaking and can take pictures and record with the same program. It integrates with cloud too so whatever I add or update on my ipad will change or add to my macbook and my DROID. I have a folio with a bluetooth keyboard attached which makes typing faster and easier. Can't say enough about how great it is. I don't keep my books on mine because I prefer a book in my hand that I can flip pages and highlight the crap out of =) I also have epocrotes, nclex review apps, quizlet, and medscape to name a few.

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