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  1. hannahjean5

    Is an iPad beneficial?

    LOVE my ipad for school. Never leave without it. I use evernote for all my notetaking and can take pictures and record with the same program. It integrates with cloud too so whatever I add or update on my ipad will change or add to my macbook and my DROID. I have a folio with a bluetooth keyboard attached which makes typing faster and easier. Can't say enough about how great it is. I don't keep my books on mine because I prefer a book in my hand that I can flip pages and highlight the crap out of =) I also have epocrotes, nclex review apps, quizlet, and medscape to name a few.
  2. hannahjean5

    What should I do before applying to an ABSN program?

    Getting your CNA is a great idea. I'm from WA state and we are actually required to have our CNA liscense before we even apply to nursing school, it is a prerequisite. Not only will you get background knowledge before your nursing courses but you will have practice doing skills you will need to know. Where I am from, you should already know how to take BP, put on TED hose correctly, do an occupied linen change, change briefs for incontinent patients, bed baths et cetera because these skills are not taught in the program. Getting in there and getting your hands dirty and knowing these skills and how to do them well will make you stand out in class and clinicals since you will be comfortable doing them. From personal experience- When I was in clinicals there was a girl in my class who did not want to change a patients breif and her nurse heard her say that and lectured her about not being respected as an RN if she was afraid to change breifs.. obviously there won't be a CNA there 24/7 when you are an RN to do all your dirty work and you should be expected to know these skills. Thats just my 2 cents =)
  3. hannahjean5

    Scrubs and Shoe recomendations

    my school and a lot of schools around require you to have a specific color and brand of scrubs, check with your school to see if they have requirements. my school requires us to wear landau brand scrubs but i have quite a few different brands from a previous job. i absolutly love koi brand (so comfortable and they have adorable patterns and designs). greys anatomy are extremely comfy and they are really soft material and hold up well. i like the baby phat scrubs too but some of their designs are kind of out there i purchase from allheart and uniformadvantage online. also, if you live near a hospital, you will never beleive the amount of great quality scrubs you can get from goodwill. (my best kept secret!!!) i have to have white shoes for clinical like the previous poster. i got nursemates-link below. i tried mine on in a scrub store but you can order them from all different places. i have low arches and wider feet and tend to get footaches from being on my feet all day but not with these shoes. they are quite comfy and have a good insole in them. i have heard sketcher shape ups and good too. if you like the feeling-klogs and danskos make great nursing shoes but i just could not get used to the feeling of walking in them. crocs rock-they are pretty great but my school doesnt allow them =( hope that helps!!
  4. Don't know if you have already bought it but the carpenito was recommended for my nursing program and I hated it!!! I ended up going and buying a couple by Davis that were awesome (Doenges ISBN10: 0803622104 ISBN13: 9780803622104 )
  5. hannahjean5

    What Nursing school are you in? Show your pride!

    I'm in my 3rd quarter of my ADN program at South Puget Sound CC in Olympia, WA. Hey neighbor!! There is 24 students in my class and my school is making a ton of new and exciting changes =)
  6. hannahjean5

    What are your favourite Nursing School Vlogs/Blogs?

    I love watching criswithnoh,heatherheartsnursing,juliannehola(might be spelled julienne) I just recently found out I got into the nursing program and posted on here about anyone interested in doing a Vlog. I was thinking about it. I would love to see more nursing students showing their journies. =)
  7. hannahjean5

    Just got my acceptance letter Winter 2011!!

    This is one of the best peices of advice I have heard in a long time. I will DEFINATLY be putting this to use!
  8. hannahjean5

    Just got my acceptance letter Winter 2011!!

    Awesome! Way to go guys! Where are you guys located, I think I already said I'm in WA state.
  9. hannahjean5

    Just got my acceptance letter Winter 2011!!

    Thanks KSRN2b! I'm really excited, from what I hear though, that will die off as soon as I enter my first week. ;0 haha I guess I will use the vlog as an outlet, in stressful situations you have to have an outlet right? I will post my youtube name on here if I decide to start making a vlog for all to check out. Thanks again!!!
  10. hannahjean5

    Just got my acceptance letter Winter 2011!!

    Thanks ILovetorun! Good luck at your first day of clinicals. I am envious =) I have been watching quite a few youtube vloggers on their nursing school journeys, check em out! nursenacole, criswithnoh heatherheartsnursing and juliennehola. Love them!
  11. Hey guys, Just got my acceptance letter! Yippee! So excited. I will be starting this January 3 2012! Just wanted to get my feelers out there and talk with more students who are going to be starting at the same time as me. I am located in WA state. Also, I have been thinking of doing a youtube vlog of my nursing school journey. Anybody interested in doing the same? Hope to hear from ya!!
  12. hannahjean5

    South Puget Sound Community College

    Hey guys! I just turned in my application at sps for winter quarter start! I have a few friends graduating from spscc nursing program tonight. Maybe I'll see some of you guys!
  13. hannahjean5

    South Puget Sound VS Centralia Nursing Programs

    Well I have since learned that my job will pay for my tuition if I go to SPSCC so that pretty much made my choice easy! I have 2 more quarters at Centralia and will apply this coming winter! =) I wasn't aware of the hybrid classes, very interesting! I will have to check them out! Thanks for the insight! Maybe I will have to hit you up one day for advice again!
  14. hannahjean5

    Should i become a CNA first?

    I agree with what is said above. I am also getting my prereqs done and in my state being a CNA is REQUIRED before nursing school. I am taking it this summer and hope to do something in that field while on breaks, weekends, and summers.
  15. hannahjean5

    Starting pre-req this summer

    Be careful. study hard because most NS are gpa based, at least where im at anyways.
  16. hannahjean5

    Microbiology, Summer 2010

    I'm also taking Micro this summer. My class doesnt start until June 21st. It will be my first experience with a lab class. I'm just now starting my prereqs for the nursing program. Hoping to get into the nursing program next fall..

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