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I found out today I got into one of the BSN programs I applied to!! For the fall I had applied to 4 BSN programs... One wait listed me, one rejected me, one I have not heard from (they send out letters next week) & one sent me... Read More

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    Quote from Chelsea13
    Yaaay! Congrats zoe! Stevenson perhaps?
    Notre Dame University of Maryland! It is next to Johns Hopkins & Loyola.
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    Woot woot!!!!!
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    Congrats and good luck
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    Congrats! Good luck
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    Thank you, everyone! I was feeling so low too for the past week... Just remember to stay positive & keep on going. What is meant to be, will be.
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    Great job on getting in. Hard work pays off. Good luck!!
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    Congratulations! Stay focused!
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    Congratulations! So excited for you

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